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What people think about me! By: Madison Chestnut

No description

Kathryn Larsen

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of What people think about me! By: Madison Chestnut

People see me in all sorts of ways. My family, friends, and strangers think of me all kinds of different ways. Here are all the different people think of me.
Sage thinks that I am nice funny and anything
but the ordinary!!!
She also thinks that I can do anything that I set my mind to!!! Sage is to nice to me, and one of my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!
The way Sage Snow sees me!!!!

My mom thinks of me as a nice, sweet, pretty, and funny little girl. She also thinks I am not responsible, but I think I am! I think my mom is the bomb.com!!! She is REALLY nice to me.
The way my mom see's me!!!
My grandma see's me as a good kid. She also thinks I am spoiled rotten. My Grandma is awesome. She took me on a cruise. She says I am a really amazing child. She always tells me that.
The way my grandma see's me!!!
My dad see's me as a good child . He says I clean really good, and wants me to clean his house all the time because I love to clean. My dad also see's me as a amazing kid.
The way my dad see's me!!!
My sister see's me as she likes me, but hates me. Sometimes she loves me and sometimes she hates me. She thinks I get whatever I want, because I went to a concert and she wanted to go, but my step sister picked me to go. I know my sister loves me she just hates when I do fun stuff without her.
The way my sister see's me!!!
My step dad see's me as a really good back massacre. I always do it. He thinks I do really good. He also thinks of me as mat the brat. He always calls me that.
The way my step dad see's me!!!
What people think about me!!!
The way Jenny see's me!!!
Jenny see's me a Madison pink. She thinks I am nice. She also thinks I am funny and laugh for no reason. She thinks I am smart and thinks I am out of this world.
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