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Bayer Dose Reminder Application

No description

Delta Advertising

on 13 September 2015

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Transcript of Bayer Dose Reminder Application

Xarelto EMBT Meeting
Rome ,Italy
November 11-13th 2014
Facts about smart phone usage in the Gulf
Smartphone use in the region will nearly double this year from last year, while penetration of smartphones among the population as a whole in MEA will increase from

According to the report,
has the highest percentage of smartphone penetration, at
, while
comes a close second, at
. Although smartphone sales & penetration has seen a rapid growth, it is still expected to increase by 39% in the Middle East by 2015.
Facts on Smart Phone Usage In the Gulf Countries
Facts about smart phone usage in the Gulf
Who do we want to tackle?
Suboptimal health literacy and lack of involvement in the treatment decision making process
Prescription of complex drug regimens, communication barriers, ineffective communication of information about adverse effects, and provision of care by multiple physicians
Health care systems:
Office visit time limitations, limited access to care, and lack of health information technology
To high light the difficulties of using VKAs

Track if the patient is aware of his INR

Help physicians to follow up their patients

Raise awareness for the ease of using Xabans/DTIs

Service for the patient and the physicians

Increase Adherence for Xarelto

Pill reminder
Hurdles Hindering the App launch/ Most of them are almost solved
Who will fill up the app Information

Will it be used or not who will have the maximum benefit from it

The Concept acceptance it self old age patients

How to close the loop between the patient/physician/INR clinic

Medical/compliance Hurdles to gain the approval

Some technical problems in the IOS/Android

Not all patients are technology gigs
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