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Delusion developing and challenging forms and conventions of

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dylan thain

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Delusion developing and challenging forms and conventions of

Delusion developing and challenging forms and conventions of real media products
Developing codes and conventions of the thriller genera
Another classic thriller convention delusion follows is the super natural. The film does not clearly demonstrate the super natural, but it does hint that their is something out of the ordinary. We did this through the use of unusual editing and purposefully noncontinuous continuity, to create the effect that the main male character was appearing and disappearing and to give the allusion that he was stoking her.
comparing other films to delusion
challenging forms and conventions of the thriller genera
Ways which our film delusion challenged the forms and conventions of the thriller genera are firstly the age of the character. It is rare for a horror film to center around characters of such a young age. We made this decision as our target audience is aged between 13 and 21, so we wanted to use characters that they could closely relate to.
developing codes and conventions of the thriller genera
Delusion does follow some classic codes and convention to the thriller genera such as romantic tragedy leading to murder. This is seen through our two main characters. The film shows a contrast to them in love and them after a tragedy which is temporally unknownn. Although no murder is shown of the screen the film strongly hints that the strong line could be headed in this tragic direction.
The similarity between our film and memento is that they both have an non liner narritive. Memento starts at the end with a woman being murder where as our film starts half way though the strong line. We have made this decision because as it immediately draws the audience into the narrative and leaves them with many question, meaning that they would want to continue watching
Shutter island
There is a lot of visual similarities between our film and shutter island. Such as we focus a lot on the characters surroundings as well as well as the character is self.
Through out the film it uses dark, grey and blue lighting representing the feelings of the characters. A technique was also used by colour corrected the film by heightening the blue and grey with in the image .
developing forms and conventions
The lighting developed thriller forms and conventions as it was dark creating mystery.
The camera movement also developed thriller forms and conventions there was a contrast between slow panning shots and fast close-ups. We made this decision as it enables the audience to connect with the character and get a clear sense of the setting, which is a very important feature in horror films.
Major changes
As we where unable to film in the location we had planned we changed location from a warehouse to a park and an underground. We choose these two locations as we thought they where visually interesting but also could seem sinister and dangerous.
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