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Elizabethan Fashion

No description

Iris Najera

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Elizabethan Fashion

Sumptuary laws were basically created to provide strict clothing guidelines and to maintain the social structure of the Elizabethan class system.

Upper Class men and women could only silver, crimson or scarlet, deep indigo blue, violet colors, deep black, and pure white.

Lower Class men and women were only allowed to wear the colors yellow, russet, orange, green, pale blue and pink. the lower class could not wear fine materials, such as silk.

*Gold was only to be worn by the Queen, Queen's mother, children, sisters, and aunts.

Sumptuary Laws
Elizabethan upper class men and women wore expensive clothing that consisted of
velvets, satin, furs, silk, lace, cottons, and taffeta material
Embroidery, jewels, spangles and pearls were used to decorate their clothing.
Upper Class Fashion
Wearing the wrong color of clothing was punishable by fines, loss of property, titles or life.
Lower Class Fashion
Elizabethan lower class clothing consisted of:
cheep materials such as wool, linen, and sheepskin.
dull colors and never to be vibrant colors.
no jewel or luxury items as decorations.
The Elizabethan Era was all about class. What you wore reflected your social standing, and for the upper class, this meant everything. During the Elizabethan Era, everyone wanted to wear the lastest most fashionable outfits created by Queen Elizabeth I. Fashion was everything!
Elizabethan Fashion



& Cris

Children's Fashion
Boys Fashion

Children's clothing consisted of nothing more than their parents clothing. Children wore the same clothes as their parent, except their clothing was made in a smaller version. However, they grew out of them very quickly.
*Poor parents would ration money for their children's clothes.
Boys clothing involved wearing a long skirt. this skirt made them distinguishable from girls. However, when they turned six years old they began to wear breeches and dress just like their parents.
Women's Layers
Women's clothing included several layers both under clothes and over clothes. These layers included a chemise, corset, a rowle, stomacher, partlet,gown, stockings, and a cloak
Men Clothing Layers
Men clothing layers consisted of several layers too, but not as much as women's. Their clothing layers included a shirt, stockings,a corset, doublet, breeches, belt, and cloak.
Elizabethan Fashion in Modern Day
Elizabethan clothing is expected not to be worn today. However,several people wear parts of them today. For example, the hooped skirt and corset are used by Quinceaneras in modern day. Another example would be Lady Gaga who incorporates this fashion style in her own.
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