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YOUR Future Strategy Private Client Program

No description

YOUR Future Strategy

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of YOUR Future Strategy Private Client Program

Welcome to the YOUR Future Strategy Private Client Program
Join the YOUR Future Strategy Private Client Program and receive:

A financial assessment and strategy to begin investing in property today

A comprehensive portfolio review

3 months free of private coaching
The first step of the YOUR Future Strategy Private Client Program is the easiest.
3. Make the Most of
R Money
Personal budget

Variation analysis
Now vs. "Interim Life" & "Your Goal Life"

Money management strategies
What is
Australia's leading private advisory group.
Our strategies secure
R future financial growth and freedom.
We are...
We are...
We provide tailored advice and integrated services all delivered seamlessly.
Asset Protection
Portfolio Management
Property Investment
So, what do all these services mean to you?

What does it have to do with
R Future Strategy?
Meet Jack & Jill
They're thinking about buying an investment property and want to retire at 60.

However, they only disccuss these plans every once in a while with the accountant.
Both are busy professionals with no time to discern future goals.
They have also heard a lot about Self-Managed Super Funds, but their super seems to be doing fine.

Their insurance and everything else seems okay too. It probably could be better...
Jack and Jill have no future strategy.

Besides, who has time to organise it anyway?
Change conference call to 4pm...
Pick up kids at 6pm...
Make reservations for dinner with Jill tomorrow night...

Pick up dry cleaning...
Schedule meeting with Amy's teacher...
Pay electricity bill before Friday...
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