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Yearbook Photography Concepts

Basic concepts of composition behind digital photography for yearbook journalism

EHS Echo Yearbook

on 18 August 2011

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Transcript of Yearbook Photography Concepts

Composition Concepts Basic Elements Journalistic Perspective Checklist Rule of Thirds Diagonals Framing Leading Lines Repetition Contrast Leading Lines Draw the through the picture.. Using vertical lines Using horizontal lines Movement Technique that draws eye through the image You can create movement by... Rule of Thirds Diagonals Framing Depth of Field Focal point follows diagonal line Uses visual “hot spots” to promote center of action and create movement Highlight subject by surrounding
or “framing” it Perspective Repetition
and Contrast Gives image “depth” or perception of what elements are close or far away Use different angles to tell another side
of the story, create mood, or
highlight emphasis Shapes, colors,
motions, emotions, or elements
echoed mulitple times in a picture Capture Up Close Candid Quality ...using these rules... Remember It's okay to break the rules (photograpy rules that is)
Take lots of pictures, even of the same subject
Always try new angles, settings, or techniques
Have fun! Using an Eyeline is another type of invisible line When looking at picture of person, the viewer usually goes to eyes first and follows track of them Shows difference by colors, shapes, action, emotions, or elements
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