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A Strategy and Actions for Sustainable Living and Development

by: Aitsuki

Lece Cruz

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of A Strategy and Actions for Sustainable Living and Development

"A Strategy of Care for Planet Earth" A Strategy and Actions for Sustainable Living and Development = an analysis and a plan of action, intended as a broad but practical guide to the policies and strategy we must adopt and the actions we must undertake.
= caring of the Earth is divided into three parts. Caring for the Earth Principles of a Sustainable society and Recommended Actions Part I : = to promote The Strategy of Care for Sustainability Living in Our Planet Earth and to educate and familiarize the importance and value of the strategies and actions in Caring of the Earth Conclusion Part II : Part III : Additional actions required to apply the principles set out to the more familiar sectors of environment and policy Implementation and follow-up = development is real only if it makes our lives better in all aspects. B. Improve the Quality of Human Life conserve of life-support system (ecological process)
conserve biodiversity
ensure that the use of renewable resources are sustainable C. Conserve the Earth's vitality and diversity The ethic for sustainability living should be developed by dialogue between leaders and citizens' group that should be concerning linked in national coalitions and an internatinal network.
States should adopt a Universal Declaration and Covenanton Sustainability and commits them to the world ethic, and should incorporate its principle into their national constitution and legislation.
people in all walks of life should incorporate the ethic into codes of personal behavior and professional conduct.
A new world organization should be established to watch over the implementation of the world ethic and draw public attention.` I. A. Respect and Care for the Community of life Pollution must be prevented (precautionary Principle)
Maintain the integrity of the Earth's ecosystem (integrated approach)
Conservation of biological diversity (establishment and maintenance of existing protected areas)
Use biological resources sustainability (harvest carefully) = number of organisms an environment can support. E. Keep with the Earth's Carrying Capacity communities need effective control over their affairs, including secure access to resources and an equitable share in managing, deciding, training
communities must be able to meet their essential needs sustainability while conserving their environment
to empower and enable local government and communities to discharge their role in environmental care. G. Enable Communities to Care for Their Own Environments re-evaluate their values and alter their behavior
require information campaign by governments and lead by non-government
to motivate, educate, equip individuals to lead
formal environmental education should be extended and integrated
give trainings for sustainable development F. Change Personal Attitudes and Practices there must be institutions capable of integrated, forward-looking, cross-sectoral approach to decisions
all countries should have comprehensive systems of environmental laws that safeguard human rights, interests of future generations, and the productivity and diversity of the Earth
there is need for economic policies and improved technology to increase the benefits from available resources and maintain natural wealth, ensure the environmental quality and natural resources properly
knowledge which is based on research and monitoring to prevent the lack of foundation and credibility, action is needed to sustain, strengthen and to maintain H. Provide a National Frame Work for Integrating Development and Conservation requires every nation to accept its responsibilities and to take actions as its means permit, properly funded internationally, and A Universal declaration and Covenant on Sustainability should be adopted
to help lower-income countries to address environmental priorities, to direct their limited resources towards immediate concerns
to turn north-south financial flows around, resources are now being siphoned out, developement assistance increase, more support to improve resulting major change
to strengthen international commitment and capacity to achieve sustainability I. Create a Global Alliance long-term energy strategies for all countries
increased efficiency in energy generation from fossil fuels, and increased use of alternative renewable energy sources
increased efficiency in the distribution of energy
reduced energy per person in all sectors II. A. Energy = introduce processes that minimize the use of raw materials and energy, reduce waste and prevent pollution B. Business implement an ecological approach to human settlement planning
develop more effective and representative government committed to caring for their environment
develop an efficient and sustainable urban transport policy
make cities clean, green, and efficient strategies and plans to use agricultural land optimally
control of the use of fertilizers and pesticides
conservation of genetic resources
use of economic incentives improve the information base and promote public awareness on the water cycle and the need for better management
provide for integrated management of water and land use
conserve aquatic species and ecosystems
strengthen international cooperation prepare an inventory of its forest resources, and a strategy for their management
protect areas of natural forests, maintain modified forests and use them sustainably, and establish plantations for intensie production
involve local communities in forest management to make people more aware of the importance of the oceans and seas
to apply integrated approaches to coastal and ocean management
to involve local communities in the management of marine resources
to conserve coastal and oceanic ecological processes
to strengthen regional and global cooperation = the foundation for sustainable living. Disturbing one component can affect the whole. = protect the structure, functions and diversity of the world's natural system economic growth (quality of life)
health standards (safe water)
universal education (unleash potentials) D. Minimize the Depletion on Non-renewable resources = using less of a resource or by switching to renewable substitutes. = provide the easiest channels for people to express their concerns and take action to create securely-based sustainable socities
= need for authority, power, and knowledge to act = all societies need a framework of law and institutions and consistent economic and social policies for integrating development and conservation. = global sustainability will depend upon a firm alliance, global and shared resources can be managed only on the basis of common purpose and resolve no nation is self-sufficient C. Industry and Commerce bring governments, business, and the environmental movement into a new dialogue
commit business to sustainability and environmental excellence, expressed in high performance standards and advanced by economic incentives
build confidence in industry by discussion of objectives, processes and practices and open disclosure of the results of monitoring D. Human Settlements = movement of people from rural to urban, E. Farm and Range Lands = land degradation resulting from mis-use F. Forest Lands G. Fresh Waters H. Oceans and Coastal Areas = forests, closed and open woodlands cover 40%, international action is needed to manifest the forests, inventories and strategies for ecological sustainability and potential yield, forest conservation and agricultural planning, management of the forests = improve public awareness, a special effort is needed to protect threatened marine species and gene pools Special Note = Caring for the earth is exerting all efforts and working towards a world that lives sustainably within the natural limits of our planet. It is addressed to the whole world community.
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