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Roof-Top Bleachers around the Soccer Field

No description

Pow Areepipatkul

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Roof-Top Bleachers around the Soccer Field

Target Market

Located slightly above the 3rd floor in between the chapel and the middle school area.

The stairs between the area will take you up to our cafe, while the walkway beneath it will still link up the auditorium to the middle school hallways.

Instead of having to walk all the way to the ARC or Starbooks, a sip of coffee might just be waiting a couple of steps away from you.
A Roof-Top Cafe
Benefits of Roof-Top Bleachers
Rooftop Cafe
The proposed facility is a roof-top cafe and a bleacher on top of the roof on the HS side.

The bleachers will be the closest to the soccer field, with a beverage area slightly behind it to give the soccer fans an experience like no other.

The roof-top cafe will give everyone the best place to communicate and relax during breaks.
Description of Proposed Facilities
The Rooftop Experience Redefined

A rooftop public area benefits all, and does not affect anyone in a negative way.

This roof-top cafe will not only serve beverages, but will help preserve time.

This also invites students to interact in a public environment.
Benefits of a Roof-Top Cafe
Roof-Top Bleachers around the Soccer Field
Wrigley Field
Amount of Seats:

Construction Cost:
About $1500 or 48,000B

These bleachers will be on the HS/ES side, with a lovely view of the soccer field.

Beverages included.

In regards to safety, a fence will be set around the entire perimeter.
Overall Price: About $51,500 or B1,658,815

Summary of Benefits:

- Boosts the school income
- Convenient place for drinks & snacks
- The ultimate atmosphere for a soccer match
- Motivates the team with the home fans supporting them
- Increases the overall happiness of all ICS students, teachers, and staff
- There is no new area needed, these roof-tops addition will save us from purchasing new space and time.

Summary of Negatives:

- Starbooks and the Arc Cafe sales may be affected, but we can invite them over to the new cafe to create the best of the best experience.
Overall Conclusion
To boost revenue for ICS home games, visitors attend the game can pay an extra fee to sit on the bleachers instead.
(Home students will receive a discount, of course.)

The bleachers will provide you an amazing view of the pitch from above the soccer field.

Perfect date for couples.
All construction could be completed within three months, convenient to the school. Construction could possibly be done in the summer break and continued for an extra month.
All students, teachers, and staff will benefit with the new addition of these roof-top areas.

A safe environment with food & snacks available will increase overall happiness within the school.

A bleacher will also attract more spectators.

There are two other cafes in the campus which may be affected.

However, offers will be made to invite them over to our new addition, to make the best overall experience for all ICS members.
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