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Chapter 7 Questions 1 and 2

No description

John Hopkins

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of Chapter 7 Questions 1 and 2

Chapter 7 Questions 1 and 2
by John Hopkins

In looking at this case study I will say that I have learned a lot. I always thought of a kid who struggled and thought they would struggle in most areas. I see with this case study that kids can struggle a lot in some areas and then be average or above average in other areas. It seems different to me because I always excelled in all subjects in school and did not see myself having s deficiency. I think it must be quite a struggle for a student to struggle in one area and excell in other areas.
Case Questions
1. What are Alex’s major problems? Use evidence from the case to support your answer.

2. What language difficulties is Alex experiencing? How are they affecting Alex’s school performance?
Question 1
Alex seems to have some major problens. He is below average on nearly everything. The key issies would be his working memory index, and verbal comprehension index from the WISC-IV. These looked at it and aay how he is in the 42nd and 27th percentile respectively. He is far below where he needs to be for those paerts. Also, with the Woodcock-Johnson he is very low on the letter-word recognition, math fluency, and word attack. He was at the 20th, 17th, and 11th percentile for those. This indicates that he is struggles at many areas of school.
Question 2
The language difficulties that Alex is facing include problems putting words into sounds, slow reader, has a problem match letters in isolation, and had problems with word problems. They are affecting him in school because he has already been retained in 1st grade, is a slow reader, and has trouble with his words. These problems all could linger on and make it so he has a very hard time. The less progress he makes the harder it will be to progress. He will continue to fall further behind.
Kuder, S. (2013). Teaching Students With Language and Communication Disabilities (4th ed.).
New York, New York: Pearson.
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