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Team Avant Gard

No description


on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Team Avant Gard

1. Extensive use of social media marketing to create popularity and assure potential customers through valid credential checks.

2. Using discount and attractive schemes through dealers. Additional offers for giving referrals to family/friends or repeated purchase.

3. Enhancing dealer relationships by offering bonus for high sales to dealers
Team Avant Garde

Objectives of the Study
"To assist SG Enterprise gain greater access to the Indian Interior Furnishing Market."
Potential Segments
While there are different income level classifications possible, based on the openness to international brand offering and utility of products, we have divided the market into 2 segments. As per the GTM stategy we would like to first target the Preium segment
Targeting the premium Segment
India’s fast growing population, majority of which is working, desires spatial comfort. Current average population density in a metro is approximately 20482 people per sq km. Room sizes are shrinking and working hours are increasing and property rates are touching skies. Customizing interiors in such a way that ambience is congenial for a particular activity is a benefit that anyone and everyone seeks at the moment. We position our products as a change essential to make “Rooms Bigger and Warmer”.
The Current Scenario
Go To Market Strategy
Following are additional costs that the organization should incur in order to establish a strong hold in the Test market...
With the ease in FDI norms, business friendly government and reduction in Licensing cost, India seems to be transitioning into a more international brand friendly avenue. After a massive win of Narendra Modi, there is a strong likelihood that the country will accept and welcome the changing business scenario. There is good hope that the country will witness fall in corruption rate which can resolve the Operating issues that SG encountered in its functioning earlier.
SG Enterprise:
The India plan
Business Model
Deploying the strategy called "Go To Market" wherein we shall focus on one consumer segment and ensure that all aspects of setting up a business are exhaustively covered.
Challenges and opportunities
Highly unorganized segment
Customers prefer touch and feel experience before purchases
Identify the problem
Currently the market comprises of small players and the company is facing operational problems in finding a suitable position for itself.
Brighter side
Brand identification on the past success in other countries
Offers certified environment friendly products.
It's a one stop shop for all items of interior decor providing a wide range of products to choose from.
Timely delivery of products
The firm scores high on innovation and offers customisation of products
Who falls under this category?
• Upper middle class buying houses
• Corporate setups
• Hospitality sector agents
• Architects/ Interior Decorators (B2B)

Who falls under this category?
• Middle Class buying houses
• Small scale businesses and Start-ups
How will we function?

1. Tie up with exclusive
and showrooms of other related objects constituting Inerior decor to showcase the supreme quality products offered by SG Enterpise

2. Kiosks in International trade fairs like Moods, Heimtex, Intertex Shanghai Show et al’.

3. Builders provide ready to use offices to corporate and alliance will play an important role in Brand promotion. Enter into contracts with builders of specific malls and commercial spaces.

4. Promoting brand by sponsoring events such as conferences, art exhibits etc and setting up kiosks in business conferences

5. Install software at the showroom such that once the customer has selected the item, the barcodes would be fed and a virtual look and feel of the room would be given to the customer to facilitate a more informed decision
1. Ads in exclusive magazines like
Good House Keeping

2. Extensive use of banners during sponsorship events
3. Builder relationships are critical in establishing word of mouth promotion.
1. Cost of leasing the land.

Why do we not recommend purchasing?
Cost of land and associated taxes, along with legal hassels make purchase for a test purpose not beneficial. Benefits on purchasing the land can be reaped only in the long run.
2. Since it's a test market we would initially like to advertise in magazines on architecture and property.

3. Considering the current HR issues faced by the company, we recommend the hiring of an HR consultant on a contractual basis wich would cost around INR 750000 per annum.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Industry Analysis & Identification of Target Segments
Designing Positioning Strategy
Assessing Financial viability
Fulfilling BE framework requirements
We propose to introduce segment specific operational & promotional strategies that will help the company gain a competitive positioning and enhanced brand value. With financial assessment in place, we recommend Delhi as a test market for implementation of our proposed strategies.
Large Market: Rapidly growing population, rising income levels and urbanization
Desire for changing interior decor especially during festive season
Here we cater to a more price insensitive segment. Buyers in this category look for quality, service and brand association.
Introducing products perceived as “Value for money” for a more price conscious market.
India being a centre of diverse cultures and communities, and the capital city at the heart of the country gives the right platform for SG Enterprises to set up a business.
Hence the test market will be: Delhi/NCR
The Go-To-Market strategy will be a tactical move wherein the company will connect with its customers/business and the organizational processes it develops (such as pricing , positioning) to guide customer interactions from initial contact through fulfillment
No of builders to target: 60
No of upcoming commercial projects: 208
No of upcoming residential projects: 3080
Prominent names:
Art Galleries
Art Heritage
Targeting the affordable Segment
1. Forge alliance with dealers in prime furniture markets
2. Venture through e-commerce: Maintain tie-ups with popular websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Homeshop18, StarCJ which have a section offering home Décor products on sale
3. Cultural trade fairs at common spots like Delhi Haat. Special exhibits to also be displayed during events like celebration of International day. This serves as an opportunity for selling the product, business networking, getting updates on new product developments and finding new supply chain partners apart from showcasing own products.

Why does the company need to lay emphasis on brand promotion?
Ans: Being an unstructured market, a promotion strategy will help create a differentiated image which will help in
Brand Awareness
Brand Retention
Brand Loyalty
Thus we present Brand "Embrace"
How will we function?
Running a CSR initiative th corporates focused on Indian development
We took 10000 sq ft for estimation because Marshalls (the biggest competitor) currently has the same sized outlet. The average cost in a commercial area is approximately INR 500000 per month
The expenditure has been estimated for the Premiuim segment only.
We conclude by saying that

1. In order to succeed in its venture in India, SG must relook into its product offering and align according to the identified nature of the target market (preferably Premium).

2. All marketing initiatives must be centered around the target market.

3. The test period should be of at least 3-4 years to gauge the market response and to build association between the target customer group and the new brand
No of prospective dealers for alliance: 53
1. Elegant Wallpapers and wall coverings
2. The wallpaper guys
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