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Northwestern Mutual (Philip Ramos)

Internship Presentation

Philip Ramos

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Northwestern Mutual (Philip Ramos)

Philip Ramos Prospective Intern Presentation 4/6/11 About Me Impressive Company Benefits To Me Benefits To You My Potential Market Conclude Background Third year at BU
School of Management
Grew up in the Bronx, NY
Hazlet, NJ Leadership
Goal Oriented
Positive Mentality Respect
Background Strenghts Reputation Culture History Ranked #115
154 Years
Over 3 Million clients
#1 in Customer Satisfaction
50 Best Places to launch a career Impressive Numbers The Northwestern Mutual Family Loyalty to Clients
Great Resources Independence
Income Top Ten Internship 14 Years Straight
-Vault Guide Benefits The Internship Program Provides Real World Experience Unlimited Growth and Opportunity Education Outside the Classroom "My goal is to make sure you learn
something about yourself this summer.
I promise you will!" Mentors
Building Business Skills An Effective Internship Program Needs Effective Interns. Why Me? Intense Work Ethic
Team Player
Strong Leader
Quick Learner Approachable
Strong Relationships
Constantly Building New Relationships
Trustworthy Leads to a Large Potential Market My Potential Market Strenghts Weaknesses Two Step Process 1 2 What Type of Clients am I Looking For How Do I Get to This Market In Search of: Clients:
Ages 25-55
Any Occupation
Income above $50,000/yr
In the NY, MA, NJ, CA areas Path to this Market : My Market Includes:
Young potential clients
Recently married
Children starting college
Recently had a child
New careers
Recently bought a house A great starting market leads to great referrals! Potential clients may be dealing with a competitor in the industry Solution Explain the Benefits of NMFN
Needs-based Selling
Survey Wrap Up
Mutual Fit:
Ready to make an impact
Shared values
Benefits on both ends Thank You For Your Time and Consideration
Questions? Determined to be Successful Personality
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