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TGI Fridays

No description

Polly Cassy

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of TGI Fridays

Theatrical Atmosphere

TGI's provide an 'experience'

Internal theatrical environment

Critical Incident

CIT – Critical incident technique

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'Tabbedout' via mobile app to pay for meal
Service Technologies
Service Interaction Process
Service Experience
Service Quality
Danielle Boal 11053356 Polly Cassy 10015420 Selin Gaygisiz 11003719 Qendresa Metolli 11063781

For Example:
Critical incident
- A long wait for dinner = critical incident =
service delivery failure
- Customer disatisfyed
An employee can improve the situation by apologising and offering an incentive like complementary drinks – customers therefore may feel that the outcome was satisfactory although a failure occured.

Physical environment impacts on consumer perception and overall experience

TGI Fridays creates a unique environment to create 'pleasure' specific lighting, decor, smells and music

The influence of the physical environment reflects the delivery of the service interaction process

Lovelock suggests four main factors to lure customers to virtual stores (Lovelock,2007)

Ease of use/information
Broad product offering
Re launched website to combine intangible factors to improve service interaction online

Started in 1965 in USA
American restaurant and bar group
"American Experience"
920 restaurants in 61 countries
Unique service experience
Thank you
Any Questions?
Dramaturgical Anology ; 'Acting'

Employee Involvement
TGI's see their employees as their biggest asset and key to service quality
NCR Software
Enables efficiency
Reduces cost
'Woody' Social Media Campaign
Successful in popularity
Strategy failed
Service recovery
Effective employee management-
Positive environment for workers
Not just for customers
Emotionally Based
Environment 'makes you laugh'
However TGI's also use further factors to entice consumers
Entertainment - replicate store experience
Communitys - Social Media

'Consumers found there was a gap between the offering instore and online information' (Wang, 2005)
Thank God it's Friday
Wide responsibility and empowerment
Personal effectiveness
Increases the consumer inception of perceived 'Quality Service'
People & Physical Environment supports company philosophy and brand identity
Environment & Personnel
TGI's are a 'Premium Brand' which give consumers a feel of brand resonance
'Critical incidents are a specific encounter between customers and service employees that are especially satisfying or dissatisfying to one or both parties' (Lovelock et Al 1999)

TGI's attempt to create a POSITIVE incident so that consumers formulate a memorable attitude towards the restaurant and are therefore likely to return

Online feedback is an example of how TGI's have used CIT enabling the company to gain feedback from a consumer perspective to improve
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