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ender's game

No description

Angie Leche

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of ender's game

Double click anywhere & add an idea Valentine Wiggin Peter Wiggin Ender Wiggin Dap Petra Arkanian Bonzo Madrid Alai Bean only person who truly loves Ender is forever saving Ender helps Peter with politics pseudonym Demosthenes hates himself for being like Peter compassionate has got A LOT of angst doesn't want to harm anyone Ender's BFFL helps Ender with the battles against the buggers is the reason Ender's chill with the launchies Commander of Salamander Army gets killed by a little kid His pride is pretty big tells Pace about plot against Ender only one of the teachers who's friends with the launchies looks out for them Helps Ender learn how to fight in the Battleroom Phoenix Army Commander aslo BFFLs with Ender Helps in battle against buggers master manipulator & just all around creeper schizo-psycho pseudonym Locke takes over the world as Hegemon Bold one of Ender's commanders against the buggers is like Ender when he was a launchie aslo one of Ender's BFFLs Stilson bullied Ender was killed in a fight with Ender mean person Bernard was one of the people who was in the shower with Bonzo Bullied Ender on the ship to battle school rude, meanie. ENDER'S GAME
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