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ENGL3040 Thur, 9/13

No description

Jennifer Forsberg

on 13 September 2018

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Transcript of ENGL3040 Thur, 9/13

Team Communication, Continued
Difficult Conversations
embrace difficult conversations and assume the best in others (88)
Adopt a learning stance and hear everyone’s story
Stay calm and overcome noise
Find common ground
Disagree diplomatically
Avoid exaggeration
Initiate conversation
Share stories
Focus on solutions
Tips for approaching difficult conversations (pp. 91-2)
Other suggestions?
Start well/declare your intent
Listen to their story
Tell your story
Create a shared story
Communication Tools
Google Hangouts
Google Drive/Docs
Others? What is your experience?
Team Oriented
used appropriately and purposefully for the proper message/situation
International Business Cultures Presentation
The presentation to the class should be interactive, multimedia, and 12-15 minutes long.
Each group will be responsible for researching and presenting details regarding an international business culture.
Your group submission to Canvas should be comprehensive, stand-alone and able to be followed in accordance with writing rules covered in class. This means that the
in-class presentation and the self-guided submission for grading should be unique to their audiences and situations
Team Leaders
Select one or rotate the responsibility (p.85)
The team leader isn't in
, so much as responsible for keeping things productive, organized and balanced.
What is the biggest challenge to having to write as a team?
Writing As A Team (p. 86-8)
start right away
work together at planning stage
set up roles
be flexible
meet in real time to work on writing
edit together
nominate ONE member to polish and submit
International Business Cultures Groups
Meet and Greet
Take 5-7 minutes to introduce yourself, talk about your skills & availability, and organize your team
In-Class Activity
To submit to Canvas by 5PM
In your International Business Cultures group complete the following:
a Team Charter (3.11, see p. 74 for examples)
your top 3 countries for the culture presentation
I will assign cultures based on this group submission at Tuesday's class meeting.
Next Time:
Complete and Submit
Chapter Activity 4: (4.10) Magazine Article about Global Business by the start of class
Chapter 4: Communicating Across Cultures (pp. 100-130).
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