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Engineering careers

Engineering is a starting point that preapres your mind for a diverse path to solve problems and make the world a better place.

Gerald Holt

on 21 November 2011

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Transcript of Engineering careers

What do you with your
engineering diploma or degree? Famous Engineers Career paths What have you learned
in school? Problem solving Critical thinking Team work Logic Accounting Management Business Law Please write down:

1. Three things that come to mind when hear
"Engineer" or "Technologist."

2. Name of three famous engineers. Scott Adams
Dilbert Creator
Cartoonist and certified hypnotist
(Not an engineer) Ksenia Sukhinova
Engineering student
Ms. World 2008
(Ms. Russia) Alexander Graham Bell
Not formerly an engineer
Hydroplane, Dehusker,
Metal Detector, etc. Burt Rutan
Aerospace Engineer
X-Prize Winner Neil Armstrong
Aerospace Engineer
Astronaut Jimmy Carter
Nuclear Engineer
39th President Herbert Hoover
Mining engineer
31st President
Modernization post
'29 crash Gerald Holt
Mechanical Engineer
Curriculum writer Montel Williams
Naval Engineer
Talk show host Engineers and technologists are often the smart people
behind the scenes Engineering around us Politics Marketing Advice? Be CURIOUS! Think globally Last message Whether you think you can or you can't, You're right. Rowan Atkinson
Electrical Engineer
Comedian Monk Technical
Engineering Engineering and
Technology Comments?
Donations? Engineers and technologists affect nearly every part of our lives . . .
most people do not realize this. Gerald Holt Engineers and technologists graduates have
diverse career paths Henry Ford Know that you
are smart Paridigm shift occurred
when I left Schlumberger Enter a competition Search the internet or professional organizations
competitions FIRST Robotics
Odyssey of the Mind
Science Olympiad
Concrete Canoe
Solar Decathalon
etc . . .
www.engineeringedu.com/competitions Learned how to learn Be a lifelong learner Yaz hotel in Abu Dhabi
LEDs in roof Imagine thinking back to what is current today in 2025 A phone that you held to your face and talked into!!! A car that YOU held onto and drove!!! My first PC had a HUGE hard drive 32 Mb That is only worth a few digital pictures now Much of what you know will be obsolete in 15 years Mom and dad . . . you are kidding, right? Please review your list from the beginning

1. Three things that come to mind when hear
"Engineer" or "Technologist."

2. Name of three famous engineers

Did anything change?
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