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Oral Traditions in Germany

by Felix

Felix Dimaczek

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Oral Traditions in Germany

Godfather Death Gebrüder Grimm There once was a old man that had twelve children and soon got a thirteenth,but he couldn't keep it so he looked for a godfather. God, the devil and the death wanted to be the childs godfather but the old man thought that the god and the devil would make him rich so he gave his son to the death. As the son got older he got a doctor and helped the king and the prinzess but the death tried to kill them but the son rescued them. One day the death wanted to revenge on him and killed him Many tales of the Grimms
are about the death like this
story. I think the message is
that you should give your child
to someone that he is the best or
he is very rich because they won't
really care about him(her). At the
end they will maybe not be nice
just like in this story. By: Felix Dimaczek The Story
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