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Westward Expansion/Ecosystems Unit

No description

Krystal Gathers

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Westward Expansion/Ecosystems Unit

The Westward Movement & Ecosystem Unit Learning Goals Performance Task Ojectives: Explain the affects
the natural environment had
on travelers headed West. 1.Do you like to travel with your family?
2.Do you take family vacations during the summer, winter, or spring?
3.How does your family usually travel? (airplane, car, other)
4.What do you usually do during traveling? (read, sleep, play games, etc)
5.Do you ever look out the window and notice the surrounding environment if traveling by car during long distance vacations?
6.Do you notice a climate change when traveling during a period of time?
7.How would you describe your outside environment at home? (physical environment)
8.Are there any bodies of water (lakes, rivers, or ponds) where you live?
9.Do you play outside in your neighborhood?
Essential Questions Ticket Out the Door Responses to Essential Questions

Lesson Quizzes

Westward Expansion Timeline

Ecosystem Diagram (labeling)

Description and Illustration of
Ecosystems crossed during the
Westward Movement

Reader's Theatre on Ecosystems &
Westward Expansion Learning Plan & Formative Assessments Westward Expansion Journal ~ demonstrate an understanding and explain the continued westward expansion of the United States
~Explain how aspects of the natural environment—including the principal mountain ranges and
rivers, terrain, vegetation, and climate of the region—affected travel to the West and thus the
settlement of that region
~distinguish between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and identify ecosystems and the parts in those systems
~Explain how limiting factors (including food, water, space, and shelter) affect populations in ecosystems Diagnostic Assessments In order to demonstrate understanding and knowledge of the Westward Expansion, you will create journal entries documenting the travel West and the challenges faced. You will assume the role of a traveler during the Westward Expansion. Documentation of your personal experience along with information gained during the instructional phase must be incorporated into the journal entries. Westward Journal Entries Rubric Label the parts of the ecosytem
shown below. Tell whether the part
is living or non-living. •What were some of the environmental factors Explorers had to face while moving West?

•How did explorers adapt to these environmental factors?

•What prior knowledge would have helped the pioneers to have a less challenging journey?
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