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Creating an Office That Inspires.

No description

Darren Fleming

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Creating an Office That Inspires.

They Need Different
Ways To Work.
Creating an Office
That Inspires.

Being inspired by your office space
may seem like a strange idea.
But why is that?
Well, think about how
most companies approach
planning their space.
First they count heads.
Then they usually put people
into one of two buckets.
Cube Farmer
Then we assign them
seats with little thought given to their individual needs, or personal work preferences.
And you've probably seen the results that follow.
I wonder if I can friend
myself on Facebook?
Because Everyone
Is Different
I like working with music on.
I don't.
We need to collaborate
with our team.
I need quiet
to think.
I love change.
Change makes
me stressed.
Companies with great cultures recognize that their employees are all individuals.
With different needs as to how and where they perform best.
They take the time to learn about the needs of the different workers that make up their organizations.
Usually either a closed office,
Or some kind of workstation.
Sometimes I work from home.
And our needs will change as
the day goes on.
I don't come in at all.
27,899 seconds until I get to go home.
You can't paint everyone with the same brush anymore.
It's about offering choices.
Each performing best when provided different styles of work environments.
Such as multi-functional spaces that enable different work activities while minimizing the need for real estate.
Is this a kitchen or a meeting room?
The Answer is Yes!
Walls that double as white boards enhance collaboration.
Planned collision spaces
increase the chances of "running into" people.
And allowing for nearby places to share ideas.
Open areas where employees choose how they'd like to work.
With easy access to a place to spread out.
while certain groups may need a more fixed address.
And others may need to have a door.
Many need access to both a desk and a quiet room at different times throughout the day.
Or have little need for a desk at all.
Office interiors must be flexible to our changing needs,
Easy and inexpensive to adapt for the future.
So remember: Your greatest company assets are all individuals.
Let's engage in a discussion
and find out together.
(Click the Link)
It's a common approach.
In what environment will your team perform best?
An Integrated Kit of Parts
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right to expand to full screen.
Move your cursor over the video and hit play.
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