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Goals and Values

No description

Zoë Gavin

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Goals and Values

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Hot Tropics
Goals and Values
-Total equality between races and genders
-Ecofriendly society
-Barter system of paying
-Local businesses only
-People choose their personal goals and values
-One million citizens
-Members were originally selected based on strengths and weaknesses so that different professions can be passed down through generations
-Members are chosen by variety, healthy genes, etc
-This is done to assure a group of varied professionals in the town, so that everyone is needed to do their part, and do it well
-2 children per couple to keep the population equal
-Children live with parents until they decide on their profession
-Drinking age is 16
-Sex Ed is important and is taught by doctors, nurses
-Everyone has equal education until age 18 when they start their apprenticeship, unless they appeal at the age of 16 to the job they are passionate about

Power & Politics
-A representative from each profession is chosen
-A group of about 5 people elected by the city make grand decisions
-No taxes!
-All laws are very modern and whatever
Sex, Sex Roles & Gender Differences
-Marry whomever you want to!
-Have to be 18 to marry
-Have to have a sustainable job before you marry to ensure independence
-Gay marriages accepted obviously
-Restrictions on sex include no sex with CHILDREN OR ANIMALS OR FAMILY
-Abortion is available, but there is a device similar to an IUD that girls get during puberty to prevent unwanted pregnancy
Science & Technology
-Science is encouraged if needed!
-No life extension or cloning

-Everyone has equal rights
-If you break the law, you are kicked out
Children and Education
-Since sex ed is so much a part of the curriculum, teens are able to have safe sex , so youthful sex is accepted in society

-Kids are taught about all religions in school, and are free to pick one or none if they like
-Racism isn't tolerated OR ELSE
The Physical
-Downtown, where it's very urban and funky
-Uptown, which is where everyone lives
-Waterway running through (like Venice)
-Farm animals are raised to live and eat BUT they get a good life first
-No hunting!
-No animal testing
-Local, organic, good food only!
-Gluttony is very discouraged
-Herbal and western medicine
-Medicine used for prevention
-Equal access for all the citizens
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