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China Animals, Wildlife and Nature

No description

Georgia Thomson

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of China Animals, Wildlife and Nature

Animals, Wildlife and Nature
The biggest tiger in the world comes from china . Tigers are easily recognized by its reddish orange coat with dark stripes. This is the Manchurian tiger .This tiger lives in the subartic tundra regions of the fer north of China .
Bamboo is the most popular tree in China !
famous trees
Topic 7
The most common type of monkey is found in China is the macaque. If you visit the Emei Shan (a popular mountain for hiking )you are certain to see some.
Pandas are the most famous animal, they spend 16hours a day eating bamboo.
The most famous trees are
Willow Trees
Plum Blossom

Interesting Fact!
There is only one plum blossom tree in central of China, which is 1,600 years old - and still flowers every year .
Wild elephants are left in china but if you are lucky you may see one in a rain forest or south east of China . Though only a few still exist.

There are more than 3,800 species of fish
Bamboo isn't a tree. It is actually a type of grass, in fact it is the tallest grass in the world. Some bamboo can grow up to a metre in just one day .
Snow leopards
Snow leopards are very rare and they are found in Tibet as well as mountain wolves, Tibet antelope.
by Georgia Thomson
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