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Country Presentation

Country Presentation

davide noce

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Country Presentation

Let's meet on Thursday! then if s I couldn't attend to your getting together
I don't want to be a-socialised
I've got plenty of things to tell outside work... So it's time for me to organize a... Getting out together! If yes... then We need to: Fix a day Fix a place Fix a guest list Fix who is doing what How's your agenda?

Are you free: Next Thursday
29, April 2010 ? Ok for you my
? humble appartment (here in Luxembourg) Site in Kirchberg Check if your name in in this list,
Then you are invited: Camilla
Pia (list is here) plus some extra guests let me know if I forgot someone Well... I let you decide
how you should / would
contribute to this event... like, for exemple: cooking helping with shopping list helping with grocery Agree with that? Let me have your
suggestions.. Let me know
if you are in! Was everything
OK for you?
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