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Tanner,Core2,What Would Joey Do?

No description

Agassi Student

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Tanner,Core2,What Would Joey Do?

What would Joey Do?
Character Information
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Joey- here is a little information about Joey. Joey doesn't have no friends since he is home school Joey's grandmother said he if he don't get a friend before she die she will haunt him.
The problem was Joey finding himself a friend.
Will be very hard because he is home school with only one other kid - the meanest girl he's ever met. Still, the Pigza family may be crazy, but they never back down from a challenge.
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Dead End in Norvelt - winner of the John Newberry Medal

Joey Pigza Swallowed The Key

The Key Swallowed Joey Pigza
The setting started in front of Joey House....
The SOLUTION WAS Joey Tried to talk too her Then, at first she was Not Responding but you can tell she wanted to be Joey friend. Then joey finally made a friend as he was walking away she told him to hold up then, she said sure lets be friends.

About The Author
Jack Gantos-was born in the town of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, and now lives in Boston. He is the acclaimed author of many books, including Jack Henry and Joey Pigza series;
This is...
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What Would Joey Do?
Jack Gantos
Joey made a friend and he was actually excited to make a friend his grandmother was proud of him and said see you took my advice and you made a new friend.
Joey thought he will never be friends with the meanest girl in school.

Jack Gantos
Other Books Jack Gantos wrote
What the Character wanted

The book what would Joey do was made in 2003.
Was awarded with the John Newberry Medal for his book what would Joey do.
The main idea of the story was for Joey to make a new friend before, his grandma dies and stop his parents for killing each other.
This is the John Newberry Medal
Joey met his friend Olivia by when he let his chihuahuas out they ran out his yard and ended up running up to OLIVA JOEY Remembered what his grandma said and he listened.
This is how Joey met his new friend Olivia.
This is Joey life since he met his new friend.
Joey said that's my whole thing i am now Mr.Helpful... because Joey didn't like help or like helping anyone at first, he just had a big attitude... the first, three chapters of the book.
These are Books you should check out for yourself about Joey Pigza:
I am NOT Joey Pigza
The Key swallowed Joey Pigza
Joey Pigza swallowed the key
Joey Pigza Loses Control
What Would Joey Do?
Joey gets mad at his father
He was arguing with Joey's Mother and she said you forgave me she continued, and held my hands in hers. You forgave yourself. You even forgave your crazy grandmother.
Joey's mom told his dad that all
Facts about the Author (Jack Gantos)
July-2-1951 (age 65)
Jack Gantos is an American Author who writes books for young children 4-12 and he also, write books for young adults.
The Lesson of the story

Always try to meet new people beuse you might just meet that special person.

Why did i choose this book?
I choose this book because it reminded of myself when, i first went to Agassi my brother said if I don't get a friend tickle you until, you cry so, i made a few friends, so my brother wouldn't tickle me .
How this story connect with my personal life
Thank You For Listening any questions before,I Leave
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