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Beale St. BBQ Promotion Plan

No description

Andy Shine

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of Beale St. BBQ Promotion Plan

Background of Shine's Showcase
Updates and news on specials and discounts in the restaurant through Twitter and Facebook

Increased use of social media to better connect with customers

Emphasis on Facebook & Twitter advertising based on geographic location
Online News & Social Media
Implementing billboards and other blow-up items near major highways will contribute to promotion

On major highways specifically, many people who commute to work will see the billboard each day as they pass by
-It can also be used as an incentive for somehwere to eat after a long day of work
Outdoor Advertising
Introduction & Meeting Agenda
Beale St. Smokehouse BBQ Promotion Plan
By: Andy Auvenshine
-Meeting Agenda

Background of Shine's Showcase

Beale St. BBQ's Target Market

Beale St. BBQ's Competitors

Avenues of Promotion

Strengths & Disadvantages

Conclusion & Wrap-Up

Catering can be efficient to sponsor local events throughout the community

A unique way to capitalize on this type of promotion would be to host events in the restaurant for specific groups

Another avenue could be catering food for sports banquets and graduation parties as well
-This can contribute to a younger target market including families as well
Special Events & Catering
Conclusions & Plan Wrap-Up
Final Recommendation
Make social media presence a priority

Bring attention to Youtube advertisements and using cable TV

Utilize Spotify and radio

Expand on catering and getting involved in community events

Implementing an optional billboard

Total Expenses:
Around $500
Placing an emphasis on coupons and discounts to promote in-store

One way to update and share information as well as news of events with customers

Focus on reaching new customers in the commmunity
Direct-Mail & Specialty Advertising
Main focus of WHMI 93.5 to encompass all of Livingston County

Advertisements through Spotify

-100 million users total: 70 million users use the free version, which means they see advertisements every time they use the app
Target Market
> Emphasis on small, local families that strengthen customer relationships throughout the community

> Attempts at reaching younger audiences for catering at parties and other events

> Fenton Fire Hall

> Smoke Street BBQ (Milford, MI)

> Hog Wild BBQ (Howell, MI)
Beale St. BBQ Evaluation
The Use of Radio & Spotify
Advertising through Cable TV will allow a large number of residents in Livingston County to be reached
-Focus on commericals surrounding sporting events and news channels

Youtube is one of the most highly-used forms of shared media online
-This will allow for increased exposure in Livingston County and other places in MI
Cable TV & Youtube
> Social media is a very current form of communication that reaches a wide audience

> The costs of online services are cost-effective

> It is easy to monitor progression and success

> It doesn't reach the older audiences like other forms of media

Online News & Social Media
> Spotify is becoming an innovative way to communicate with customers through music

> WHMI allows the ability to reach all of Livingston County for reasonable prices

> Spotify is not as applicable to the older audience

> Potential loss of advertising due to changing the station on commericals
The Use of Radio & Spotify
> Billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising require no work from the customer's point of view

> The advertisement cannot contain too much information, as customers will not see it for long periods of time

> Not cost-effective to have many billboards
Outdoor Advertising
> Bring a sample of Beale St. BBQ directly into the community for more exposure

> Create stronger customer relationships by being involved in community activities

> Catering takes a lot of work to organize and plan for events, and it may distract from daily services
Special Events & Catering
> Ability to strengthen customer relationships by being direct and involved

> Can be used in a similar way with catering events

> Cost-effective way of promotion with small items

> Possibility of focusing too much on existing customers and not on expanding to new customers
Direct-Mail & Specialty Advertising
> Food-related commericals are very popular on TV in today's society

> The Youtube channel can be linked with social media accounts for mutual advertisement

> Some viewers will skip or change the channel when an advertisement appears, making this type of promotion obsolete at times
Cable TV & Youtube
5 years of promotional expertise, professionalism
Livingston County focused

Past Clients
Black Rock Bar & Grill
La Marsa
Gus's Carryout
Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza

Success Rate
Average of 30% to 45% increase in customers (over a 3 month period) after Shine's Showcase promotional campaign begins
Social Media, TV, and local ads for Black Rock saw 35% increase in customers over 3 months
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