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01.02 West Meets East Meets West - Monotheistic Religioms

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Jesseca Summerall

on 31 August 2014

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Transcript of 01.02 West Meets East Meets West - Monotheistic Religioms

01.02 West Meets East Meets West - Monotheistic Religions
Moses: We believe that god's son has not yet been born yet.
Jesus: Celebrating Christmas because its the day God rose again
Muhammad: And our religion has 5 different pillars that we believe in ( Faith, Daily Prayers, Almsgiving to the needy, Self-purification, Pilgrimage.
What is the holy book of your faith and how does it compare to others?
Muhammad; Qur'an is the holy book. The sacred text is of Islam with the literal word of God. The 114 chapters called suras records my teachings, And they meant for follwers of faith
Muhammad; The lands holds many favors made and offered that have not gone but remain.
What is your perspective or feelings about the other monotheistic faiths?
Muhammad: Our stories and ways of community is different but we all our the same. Different points of views of OUR God. But we share the honor to respect him.
what is your guidance?
Moses: The Torah
Jesus: The Holy Bible
Muhammad: The Qur'an
By; Jesseca Summrall

Moses; Torah was the holy book. And it the first five books that contain the old testament. Which it includes the histories and revelations of me
Jesus; The Bible is my holy book. It contains the Old Testament with my history and teachings. It is comoared to the others in a way because it holds off more info.
Moses: We all believe what we believe in but we aren't all that different because we all connect in a way. Our God is the same so i feel no different towards them.
Jesus: Their rituals are difference but our beliefs in the same God doesn't make us much different. I understand their teachings are different.
Moses; Because the lands holds history of our god.
Jesus; The lands hold memories and faith for us to hold on to til our time.
How are the basic beliefs of your faith different from the other monotheistic faiths?
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