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Fountain Tire - DRUMHELLER

No description

Alberta Prezi

on 26 September 2018

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Transcript of Fountain Tire - DRUMHELLER

We Are

45 radio stations across 5 provinces
21 community web portals
7 community apps
We provide a hyper-local focus to our markets
Reach in the Badlands

Marketing Funnel
Consistency + Frequency + Message =
Market Share
Consistency - Seeing/ hearing it enough times

Frequency - Seeing/ hearing it regularly enough

Message - Showing/ saying the right thing
47,000 people in our Trading Area
DrumFM is the voice of our community
DrumhellerOnline.com - 1,400,000+ pages of content viewed annually
Market Potential

Number of people in our trading area.

2.6 people per household in Alberta
18077 Households

Average expense on tires, batteries and other parts per household annually

Average expense on Vehicle maintenance and repairs annually

Our trading area spends on average
$27,675,887 annually

If we could get an extra
of our trading area to come to you
$276,758 in Revenue annually

Advertising Increases Sales
Stay top of mind before a clients decides to buy tires

Educate Customers
Advertise your products and services To create awareness of services offered by yourself some may overlook
Promote yourself as more than a tire store
Oil Changes
Tire Rotation
Coolant and radiator repairs

Competitive Advantage
Why Advertise

Your Competitive Advantage:

Nationally recognized name
Service Oriented team
Customer oriented atmosphere
Strong local sponsorship presence
Strong Warranty & offers

Educate customers
Create local awareness
Differentiate you from your competitors

Home Big Box #2

Annual investment
Market Share
A Sound Partnership!

Marketing Plan
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