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Laser Microphone


Chris Gilligan

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Laser Microphone

Laser Microphone by Bryan W and Kyle P Invented The Laser Microphone was invented in 1947 by Leon Therenin. USES The laser microphone was used a lot to spy on conversations. Special Features Features of the laser mic are the use of laser beams for high quality sound reproduction. There are multiple sound channels which makes the sound much more realistic. This is the most interesting feature of the laser mic. 10/8/12 Direction Importance The importance of the laser mic is that it provides realistic and distortion free sound. Image Fun Fact He created and used Buren's Eavesdropping System by using a infrared beam to detect sound vibrations in glass windows. It was used to determine that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in a compound in Abbottad, Pakistan. The laser mic is a unidirectional microphone because it shoots the laser in one straight line. Where HOW The laser microphones are mostly used in movies, to either give realistic sound effects or spy equipment in movies The laser mic is used to detect vibrations in a reflected laser to convert them to audio signal. They also convert the acoustical waves into electrical signals to be produced and amplified for sound reproduction. Laser beams must be reflected off glass or rigid surfaces which will vibrate to the corresponding sound. The laser mic can turn any vibrating surface into a microphone by measuring the space between itself and the surface. The Iphone uses a laser microphone to capture sound wave vibrations between the speaker holes as you speak.
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