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issraa shoucair

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of geography

Migration - Should I Stay or Should I Go? First of all what is migration? Migration is the movement of people (or animals or things) from one place to another for political, economic, and environmental reasons. Why do people migrate? People immigrate (move to another country) or emigrate (leave a country) for social factors (family ties, people they know), political factors (escape persecution or violated rights), economic factors (money, employment, well-being), and forced migration (being forced to leave against your will). Is there anything stopping you from emigrating? Yes, these are called barriers. The 5 barriers to migration are: 1-Physical barriers (natural things e.g. distance). 2-Legal barriers (quotas e.g. Australia had a quota on the number of non-whites entering). 3- Economic barriers (not having enough money to emigrate e.g. in 1938 Jews needed $20 000 cash to enter Canada). 4- Procedural barriers (obtaining documents eg. passports and visas). 5- Political barriers (laws prohibiting emigration e.g. Berlin Wall kept citizens of east Germany in and foreigners out). What are push and pull factors? Pull factors are things that attract you to another place. For example, job opportunities. Push factors make you want to leave a place. For example a lot of pollution. How is culture affected by migration? Sometimes cultures are benefited from new ideas from other cultures and other time when cultures meet some are destroyed or become minuscule. When new people come to a country they bring social and economic changes. Sometimes the mainstream population (dominant culture group) reacts favorably to this but sometimes they don't. Sometimes racism is involved because they believe if different people enter the country they will unfavorably change their country, its culture, and their identity. When a culture is threatened by change due to migration they resist. When a whole country agrees to a system that favors one race, religion, or culture over others it is called national racism. How does culture effect peoples decisions
when choosing where to immigrate to? When people share a connection they are drawn together. So things like language and religion greatly affect people's decisions. Sometimes people wish to move to enclaves (areas that are a concentration of a cultural group) to be with pothers that share their culture. How has migration affected Canada? Canada is a country of immigrants. Canada's culture is in continuous change due to its diversity. Sometimes people are prejudice or discriminative to newcomers. This creates the barrier of acceptance for immigrant. A lot of times this prejudice is based on unsupported facts people have. One is that immigrants take away from job availability which is untrue because they actually increase the county's economic growth and employment rate. So immigrants add to our economy and our diversity. People choose Canada for its many pull factors like job availability,
environmental factors, political stability, democratic elections, and
enforced fights and freedoms. When people emigrate from Canada they are replaced by many more immigrants. Immigrants make Canada a cosmopolitan (ethnically and culturally diverse) and have made up this great nation. I have chosen 3 cities in 3 different continents, 1 in which I live in and 2 where I might possibly immigrate to. Based on the push and pull factors i will choose whether I will move (and to which of the 2 cities) or not. Immigrate Emigrate What is culture? A way of life shared by a group of people. Chinatown in San Francisco is an enclave.
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