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Huck Finn: Coming of Age

No description

Holy Family

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Huck Finn: Coming of Age

Mark Twain, Author of many novels such as
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
"How stunning are the changes which age makes in a man while he sleeps!"
Mark Twain
As Huck faces new conflicts and battles, he always has one ally he knows he can truly trust. As peculiar as it is at the time, Huck gets over his inner debate of turning Jim in or letting him find his family. He decides to bond with a man who, by most, is considered "property", not a "friend". Huck learns to follow his conscience instead of society as he befriends someone against the typical rules. By the end of the story, Huck and Jim become inseparable. Huck decides to make the ultimate sacrifice of risking his life and reputation for the sake of Jim's freedom. Huck decides that rescuing him is far more important the ridicule he would take from it and the punishment he may receive from it.
Unlikely Friendship
This photo shows Huck and Jim's relationship, despite the racial barriers between them.
The book about Huck Finn is an intriguing story about a young adolescent who is faced with many challenges and difficult decisions. By the end of he book, he goes from an oblivious boy to an experienced young adult. There are many hidden messages and lessons to be learned throughout the story. One of the main being Huck's mental maturity through his thoughts and actions. In the beginning of the novel, Huck doesn't think about his actions. An example of this is when Tom and him are playing a prank on Jim. He is not responding to his conscience. Later in his adventures, he has to make a decision to tell Mary-Jane where the money is. He finally listens to his conscience and makes the right decision.
By: Elizabeth, Carley, Nick, and Joseph
Huck Finn: Coming of Age
Coming of Age
Mark Twain is the author of two very famous books: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
Huck Finn vs. Society
Both Huck and Society see Pap as an old, drunk man who is abusive and careless.
Huck is friends with Miss Watson's slave, Jim, who is an African American.
Society believes that slaves are inferior to whites.
Huck doesn't care about what he looks like or what people think of him.
Society believes in having a perfect image, looks are almost everything.
Huck believes that he should follow everything that his conscience tells him and to break all of the rules that he wants.
Society wants to stick to the status quo and follow what everyone around thinks.
Both sides are capable of making correct choices.
Huckleberry Finn (Elijah Wood) from the movie
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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