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What is a Typical Australian Emma Barnett

This project was made because I was given the task of finding out what a typical Australian is.

Elizabeth Harris

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of What is a Typical Australian Emma Barnett

From the data collected what is a average Australian?
How am I an Average Australian
This Info was collected on Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census
Average Australian
Questions to Answer
Question 1: What do I think the characteristics of an average Australian is?

Question 2: From the data collected what is an average Australian?

Question 3: How am I an average Australian?

Question 4: How have my perceptions of an average Australian changed?
I am an average Australian because we own two cars and we live in a capital city. I also was born in Australia. My mum also does 5 or more hours of housework a week. Our family owns technology and internet. Our family is also Christian. Our family also has 2 adults. I think I am not an average Australian when I compare myself to the data.
By Emma Barnett 5/6N
What do I think a typical Australian is?
My Perceptions
How have my Perception of an Average Australian changed
Perceptions Changed
I think a typical Australian is someone who is married who lives in a family of 5. Three children and two adults. The mum works at home while the dad goes into business to earn money. The children go to a public school. All the children have 1-2 years between each other. They would live in a 1-2 story house with two cars and a pet. They would have a backyard with a trampoline or pool. They would have two TV's, two computers,other small pieces of technology as well as Wifi. The family would go on holidays once of twice a year to the beach, camping or over sea trips. They live in a capital city such as Brisbane or Sydney. The family is catholic and go to church ever Sunday. The children have different activities including sport and playing a instrument. The average adult age would be 35-45 years old. The average child age would be 7-12 years old. They do not live with their grandparents and the parents drive them to school. The children have there own room with books and toys. The whole family was born in Australian and are all Australian citizens and only speak English. The house has 4 bedrooms, 1 laundry, 2 bathrooms, 1 dining room, 1 launge room and 1 kitchen.
My perception of an average Australian have changed because of the data that I have collected. I know think that the average Australian family has 4 people in a family and that the mother works to help earn money. I now also think that the average age for a child is 9 and 6.
What is a Typical Australian
What are our perceptions of a typical Australian and how typical am I?
To conclude, Australia is a multicultural society. To live in a multicultural society means that Australia is filled with many different types of people with many different ages, jobs, houses, families and religions. The reason we are so multicultural is because we have had many migrants move to Australia. Not only to live here, but because of our very good working conditions and so they can earn money which can sustain their families. My own perceptions have developed over time because of my own family and my own knowledge of other families. I think other countries have their perceptions of Australia because of TV and the internet. I think other countries think Australia is a very special country because of its many animals, landmarks and many distinctive buildings.
From the data I have collected the average australian is a woman of 37 years old who is born in Australia. The rest of her family is also born in Australia. She speaks English and is Christian (most likely Catholic). She is married and lives with her husband and two children. A boy and a girl age 6 and 9. They lives in a separate house with 3 bedrooms and 2 cars in a suburb in a capital city. She is a sales assistant with a certificate of Business and Management and she works 32 hours a week. She also does unpaid housework for 5 or more hours a week. The family own technology and the internet. They also earn $72,000 per year.
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