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m bammer

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of Bunnies

Where Chipmunks Live
Chipmunks live in North America, Canada to Mexico. They are usually found scampering through the undergrowth of a variety of environments from alpine forests to shrubby deserts.
What they eat
Chipmunks eat a lot of different kinds of nuts. They eat acorns, nuts, seeds, some plants, fruits, berries, slugs, snails, insects, baby birds, bird eggs, salamanders, small snakes, young mice, mushrooms, and carrion.
How they survive
According to the text, the chipmunks main form of defense consists of avoiding predators. The chipmunk will warn other chipmunks of possible danger, run away, stay in its burrow, and change his activities.
By Tiba and Madeline
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