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Mountain Men of Utah

No description

Joan Thompson

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Mountain Men of Utah

Mountain Men of Utah In the 1800's beaver hats were very much in style. Adventurous men hoped to become rich by heading west to catch beaver. In the early 1800's, land west
of the Mississippi River was
considered as "The West." Beaver were caught in the cold mountain streams of Utah. They were skinned. The skins, or plews, were dried and stretched. When a mountain man had
many furs, he would cache, or hide,
them underground so he could go
trap elsewhere. Once a year, mountain men would
gather together to sell their furs to
fur companies, to buy supplies, and
to socialize with one another. These
gatherings were called "rendezvous." Utah was in the "West."
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