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Survival guide to Monster High

How to live in Monster High, San Antonio. Please note that the slide about the middle of Nowhere is on slide 16 and is NOT on slide 8

Elysia D. Koury

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Survival guide to Monster High

San Francisco
How to survive
In Monster High ,
San Antonio, Texas

By: Elysia Koury
How to get there
You must start on the eight of any month
if you are going through The Middle of Nowhere
see slide 16
If you
traveling by The Middle of Nowhere
please remember that this place is a magical
place that will turn to different places every week and if you don't make it by then you might end up somewhere else.
ut oh
If you had ended up here you didn't
respect The Middle of Nowhere or
you ran around like a crazy person.
NOW GO TO SAN ANTONIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You made it!
Now that you're here, lets go over
what to do if you meet:
> Elisibeth
> Spectra
> a DeNile
....... or some other monsters/people
What to do If you meet......Gill
If you happen to stumble upon Gill
and he starts singing Christmas
songs please PLUG YOUR EARS because he always sings the wrong words to a Christmas song and will hurt your ears for a very long time.
What to do if you meet.....Hyde
Hyde is pure craziness so PLEASE don't try to confront him or you might end up listing to his HORRIBLE music.
What to do if you meet....
Now I can assure you that Clawd is
not crazy about anything but cupcakes and candy. If you happen to be carrying any candy please DO NOT TELL CLAWD OR ELSE HE WILL SUMMON HIS CUPCAKE ARMY TO GET IT FROM YOU.
Clawd is a werewolf and has good hearing and smell.
What to do if you meet....a DeNile
Treat them like there the queen of the Universe because if you don't you might as well become cursed. The DeNile family is from Egypt but they are still very royal so you must give them your full attention and respect.
What to do if you meet...Deuce
If you meet Deuce just say hi or dude.
There's nothing to fear from this guy except his ability to turn people to stone. Just make sure that he doesn't take off his glasses and your good to go.
*Deuce is the most pathetic guy.
The Men
* Deuce is married to a DeNile, but he is not considered one.
What to do
If you
Meet... Lagoona or Frankie
If you happen to meet Frankie or Lagoona, you have nothing to fear. They are very powerfull but very kind. They will, however, defend the town if you try to hurt any of the citizens that live there. Nither of them are as crazy as their husbands [Gill and Hyde].
* None of the men are normally as crazy as I put in my descriptions... sometimes :)
* Some of Hyde's music is great! Just not all of it... :)
* He used to turn into Jackson (and vise versa), but he got surgery so that it wouldn't happen anymore.
* I couldn't put all the pictures of the the DeNile family because their family is HUGE.
* Also, I couldn't find a picture of Elisibeth. So I decided to put the picture of the add-on pack taken out of the box but not fully assembled [also, she doesn't have any arms{i am not going to explain that}].
What to do
If you meet...
Spectra or Elisibeth
If you meet either one of these ghosts, make sure to act friendly and try not to offend them. They are very powerfull and are easily offended. If you offend them... well, you probably know by now what will happen [for those who don't know what will happen, they will blast you with enough power to destroy the world {but even that much power isn't their full power}]. They are WAY more powerfull than Lagonna and Frankie. But,once you get to know them, they are nice people [ I mean, monsters] and will sometimes be more cheerfull than normal.
* Also, I couldn't find a picture of Elisibeth. So I decided to put the picture of the add-on pack taken out of the box but not fully assembled [also, she doesn't have any arms{i am not going to explain that}].
The Middle of Nowhere and other mostly referred places in Monster High
The Middle of Nowhere
The Middle of Nowhere is a widely referred to place in Monster High Town. It is a large, open space filled with oceans, lakes, rivers, hills, dust bowls, and other types of terrain ( Depending on where you are, the terrain will be different. Monster High's location has a big ocean that is usually frozen over connected to a large dust bowl. ) There are parts of it in every state of Brazil and the .US.A. The size of the part also depends on where you are. For example, Texas, California, and Alaska tend to have very large patches of The Middle of Nowhere. Other states have from a mile to an inch long. Brazil tends to have smaller parts of it than the U.S.A.
A remarkable thing about The Middle of Nowhere is that it can also take you to different places at different times. Depending on where you are, you will have to wait longer to get to certain destinations. ( Ex. If you are in S.C, and you want to go to N.C, then you could go there on The first of January or December, where as if you were in Brazil and you wanted to get to California, then you would have to wait until July 5th on a leap year ) However, if somebody who is very powerful or somebody with rare magic chooses to use the Middle of Nowhere to get somewhere, but it's going to take that person somewhere else, then that person could force it to take that person to where he/ she wanted to go. However, this only works for incredibly powerful people, so do NOT try it.

What to do if
you meet....
Heath is a crazy guy who is married to Abbey Burns (formerly Bominable). Some times he is the responsible parent of his two daughters (Crystal and Cristina), but sometimes he is the flame retardant most people know him by. Just steer clear of this guy if you think he is not acting normal, and yourgood to go.
* Heath is Hyde's (and technically Jackson's) Cousin.
The Shadow Realm
The Shadow Realm is a place where everything are made of shadows (except for the people). It is currently at war with the Shadow King, who (along with his fathers and grandfathers before him) have been evilly ruling the Shadows for eons. The Shadow Realm can only be accessed by monsters who can travel through the shadows. The monsters that were born in the Realm have a natural ability to do this, but few people outside the Shadow Realm can do this.
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