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Copy of Amway

No description

Ri Ri

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Amway

Your Business Your Dream. Your Choice. Your Future.
You Have Your Own Business.
You decide when and how much to work. You pursue the goals that are important to you and your family. As an Amway Independent Business Owner, you have the opportunity to make the life you want a reality. beauty nutrition Amway Strong business foundation. A business that started with a friendship. Control your life
Imagine a life where you’re in control of your time. You decide when to start working. TRAINING
What happens if you have desire and commitment but lack knowledge? If you’re willing to put in the work, Amway’s outstanding training resources can get you up to speed quickly. SUPPORT
You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. From product-specific training, to business education, self-improvement training, and mentoring programs, you’ll have access to resources to help you build a successful Amway business. Low cost to get started
You can start your AMWAY™ business for as little as $62. As a new Independent Business Owner, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit with a step-by-step guide to help you understand the business and take advantage of bonus programs. Legacy of Clean Concentrated All Fabric Bleach L.O.C Legacy of clean Legacy of Clean SA8+ Bioquest Concentrated Detergent Amazing cleaning that’s as safe as water for all washable surfaces. Super-powerful, super-concentrated, super-versatile L.O.C. Multi-Purpose Cleaner cleans away everything, but harms nothing. And that’s something we can all say yes to. Kosher certified.
Safe for use on all washable surfaces – if water won’t hurt it, L.O.C. can clean it.
Concentrated formula means more cleaning power per bottle.
Cleans brilliantly without phosphates, chlorine, noxious fumes, or harmful residues, making it a good choice for your family and the environment.

Power out stains, but preserve colors. LEGACY OF CLEAN All Fabric Bleach is chlorine free and uses the power of oxygen to get out stains in water of all temperatures while leaving clothes bright and the earth right. Kosher certified.
Harnesses the power of oxygen and mineral ingredients to eliminate stains.
Dermatologist-tested so it won’t irritate sensitive skin, when used as directed.
Safe for all washable fabrics or surfaces, including carpet to concrete.
No phosphates, chlorine, nonylphenols, or other unpleasant ingredients that could harm the environment.
Safe and effective in all washers, even HE. SA8+BIOQUEST Powder Laundry Detergent gets out the deepest dirt and worst stains naturally, and rinses away fast and clean – even in cold or hard water.
• Removes grease and oily soils as well as tough stains like blood, grass, chocolate, and eggs.
• Super-concentrated formula means less packaging.
• Cleaning power supported by plants and minerals.
• Safe for all washable fabrics.
• Dermatologist- and allergy-tested.
• No phosphates, chlorine, or other unpleasant ingredients that could harm the environment.
• Safe and effective in all washers, even HE.
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