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Hoshin Kanri english

No description

Ricardo Perez

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Hoshin Kanri english

Validate Tactics: are they feasible? are they Challenging? Will they contribute to significantly improve the Company's Indicators?
Third Step
To write down the Tactics and Projects which will allow to achieve the Strategies successfully.

Here we will describe the "How's"
Second Step
Strategies: Creation and Selection that contribute to Improve significantly or
take our KPI/KBI to a higher level of performance
First Step
PDCA Cycle
Underlying Principles
Ho: means method
Shin: means needle
Hoshin: Means compass

Kanri: Management and Control
¿What is HK?
Hoshin Kanri
Managing by Strategies
Presented by: Ricardo Said Pérez
Hoshin Kanri
A Visual Planning tool that helps us identify
the key strategies we will use to steer us toward our vision
Enables all to "see" where we are heading to
and how we are going to get there
It's a "tearing" process from vision and general policies
to strategies, projects and concluding to executable tasks
Pareto rule
focus on the vital few
Cause and effect relationship
Team work
The strategic Planning Process
Company's Mission
Why does this Organization exist?
Establish Vision
Where are we heading to?
Shared Values
Who we are? How do we behave?
What do we believe?
SWOT Analysis
What is threatening us?
and when do we want to get there?
What move Us?
Where is the big Opportunity?
What true value we provide to our customers?
What are we genuinely good at?
What do we need to strengthen?
Top management strategies and policies
Tactic Projects
Previous Results

Other Info Sources:
Corporate's requirements
Customer's requirements
Government regulations (labor, commerce, etc.)
Action Plans
The initiatives created by the site's top and middle managers as an answer to "Which approaches we will take to achieve the goals?"
They refer to "how" we will achieve the Strategies
Annual targets
Detailed activities that show the detailed steps, tools, responsibles and due dates to execute the tactics
Take Care of environment
...Keep all processes environmentally sustainable...
"To achieve the ESR acreditation"

To Promote a recycling and environmental-care culture among personnel
A. Green Campaign: "Do not print this document unless is strictly necessary" "Use both faces of the sheet"

B. Coordinate reforestation week through slogan "A tree, a life"

C. "Outlet" Event of useless articles

D. To Implement Measurement System for dangerous residuals and proper disposal
To Promote a recycling and environmental-care culture among personnel
VALUE: Care for the environment
POLICY: Environmentally-friendly processes
OBJECTIVE: Achieve ESR Acreditation
Weight according to priority vs. annual objectives and goals
And delegate responsibles for execution
Fourth Step
finally, we could get deeper to a higher degree of detail, focusing on the activities and timing,
And confirm the expected impact to Indicators
Now we
got it!
We have built an Strategic Plan to drive us there, where we want to be!
At this point the party just is just getting started!
The most important part from the Strategic Planning event is not...
...The Event itself
Following + Execution
and leadership
What significant ambitions are we pursuing for the future?
Last Annual Review
Is a creative step
The "Catch-ball" process begins here
ESR = Empresa Socialente Responsable
at this point, the question to answer is: Will all these activities improve what is needed in the quantity expected?
Project's linkage to Strategic Planning
Project's Description
Main Indicator
General Gantt
Follow Up and Potential Risks Identification
"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"
-Benjamin Franklin
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