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Transboundary Pollution

Project of transboundary pollution. :-]

Francisco Rios

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Transboundary Pollution

What is transboundary pollution? Transboundary pollution is the pollution that originates in one country but is able to cause damage in another country's environment, by crossing borders through pathways like water or air. Pollution can be transported across hundreds and even thousands of kilometers. The incredible distances that pollution can spread means that it is not contained within the boundaries of any single nation. This is why it is called 'Transboundary Pollution'. One of the problems with transboundary pollution is that can carry pollution away from a heavy emitter and deposit it onto a nation whose emissions are relatively low.

Article by Answers.Com The cause and effect of Chernobyl radiation leak. The disaster at Chernobyl is often called the worst nuclear accident of the century. Chernobyl was located in the former Soviet Union in what is now Ukraine. The area in and around Chernobyl is now a nuclear wasteland. People are not supposed to live in these areas, yet they still do, even with the danger of mutations and radiation sickness. This disaster is a curiosity for many, but, in truth, for all involved it was a terrifying and angering experience.

In the town of Chernobyl, all was quiet and peaceful. It was Friday, April twenty-fifth, only five days before May Day, and a feeling of festivity was in the air. Night came and the town slept peacefully. Little did they know that before the night was over, their lives would be forever changed

Article by richeast.org Cause Effect Types of pollution Air pollution Water pollution Soil pollution How to prevent radiation? Whatever the form of radiation, the three things that affect your exposure to it. They are time, distance and shielding, and any radiation worker will quote this as if it's part of a religion. First, let's talk time. The less time an individual spends in proximity to a source, the less that person is exposed to the radiation. It's really straight forward. Second, let's look at distance. The greater the distance between an individual and a source, the less that person is exposed to the radiation. Another easy one. Lastly, let's consider shielding. The more shielding between an individual and a source, the less that person is exposed to the radiation. We should look at the last one a bit more closely though, but first, let's look at radiation.
Radiation is a term used for the emissions from atomic nuclei. There are two types, and they are particulate radiation and electromagnetic radiation. The first type involves particles emitted from the nucleus of an atom, and three primary ones are alpha particles, beta particles and neutrons. All these particles are covered in separate posts, but we can touch on them here to talk about shielding for that specific type of particulate radiation. My project on transboundary pollution By Francisco Rios Acid Rain Acid rain is caused by pollution that rises up into the air and acid rain comes down and damages trees, cars, monuments, and plants. River pollution Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water Nuclear pollution A form of energey that comes from a nuclear reactor River system A river and all the streams that flow into it CAUSE and EFFECT of acid rain The oxides of nitrogen, or NOx, and sulfur dioxide, or SO2, are the two main sources of acid rain. Sulfur dioxide, which is a colorless gas, is given off as a by-product when fossil fuels that contain sulfur are burned. This gas is produced due to various industrial processes, like the processing of crude oil, utility factories, and iron and steel factories. Natural means and disaster can also result in sulfur dioxide being released into the atmosphere, such as rotting vegetation, plankton, sea spray, and volcanoes, all of which emit about 10% sulfur dioxide. On the whole, industrial combustion is responsible for 69.4% sulfur dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and vehicular transportation is responsible for about 3.7%. Cause and Effect Of river pollution The cause of river
pollution is people
dumping sewage into
ponds and rivers. The
effect is that it will
get into water supplies.
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