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PEZ in the 1920's

No description

Ryan Machonga

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of PEZ in the 1920's

In the roaring 20's PEZ Candy Pez Candy was invented by Eduard Haas. Haas intended for the product to serve as a substitute for cigarettes. His product became very big and popular. Who PEZ started out as a peppermint candy to be another option instead of smoking cigarettes.It expanded across Europe and eventually came to the U.S. and it didn't take long for PEZ to come out with new fruit flavors as well as mint. What PEZ candy was made in Vienna Austria. Later,
Haas brought over his PEZ product to America to sell and after a few adjustments to his product, Americans loved it, especially kids. Where Made in 1927 in Vienna Austria. After about 25 years PEZ came to the US and while initial sales where low so Haas invented the character heads on top of the dispensers to increase sales. When PEZ was first invented to use as a replacement to cigarettes. The company became very big and expanded their products. They came out with the fruit flavors and character heads on top of the dispenser. WHY in order to make Pez Candy it takes 3,000 pounds of pressure to compress the sugar into the familiar brick shape of a PEZ Candy!

the Tweety Bird Pez Dispenser was featured on an episode of Seinfeld.

Glow in the dark Pez Dispensers was first made in 2002
Fun Facts
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