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Where is the good place to split WARIBASHI?

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Tsuneyuki Harada

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Where is the good place to split WARIBASHI?

the nearer the attached point I split WARIBASHI, the more successfully I can do
I split WARIBASHI at different places from the bottom point
Where is the good place to split WARIBASHI?

1 introduction
2 hypothesis
3 experiment
4 result
5 discussion
Most of the people in Japan have used WARIBASHI many times before.
What is the factor?
the center of rotation
a N
b N
L m
① + ②

| I + I' | = L | a - b |
the difference of turning power between right and left part
the "turning force" around a pivot (fulcrum)
However, sometimes, they can't split it successfully
the center of rotation
the interval of each point is 2cm
I split it 20 times at each place, counting how many times I can do it successfully
"split successfully"
the difference of the length of rest two parts is within about 1 mm
the length
2 cm
20 times at each places
Independent variable
the place I split
dependent variable
the successful time
Let's consider the moment force!
5~9 cm
I = r × p
The experimental results do not confirm the hypothesis.
One possible reason
balance of power
As I approach the attached place,
I needed more strong power than low point
(my hand was shaving)
broking the balance of power

balance of power
the result can be right
it is appropriate that the range from 5cm to 7cm is the good place to split WARIBASHI
Further discussion
If I’ll continue this research project...
I should ask another person to try to this experiment
I should make interval smaller than this experiment. (1cm, for example)
These things will make better results
if the turning power is different at the attached point..
you are more likely to fail to split WARIBASHI successfully
right part I = a L    ・・・①
left part I' = - b L  ・・・②
the Moment
what this number means?
Before the experiment,
I thought I didn't have to consider about the balance of power
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