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Progressive Review

APUSH test review

Michelle Newcomb

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Progressive Review

Vocabulary Foreign Policy People Domestic Policy Grab Bag 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 a policy that calls for staying OUT of other nations' fights What is neutrality? 100 500 The policy that called for U.S. gunboats to enforce payment of any debt owed to European countries by Latin American ones What is the Roosevelt Corollary (to the Monroe Doctrine)? Founder of the International Workers of the World (IWW) and five-time Socialist Party presidential candidate 500 Who is Eugene Debs? The three territories gained by the U.S. following the Spanish-American War What are the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico? 100 This group, led by William Jennings Bryan, was formed in direct opposition to the further acquisition of territory in the Pacific. What is the Anti-Imperialist League? This amendment gives women the right to vote What is the 19th Amendment? 100 the right to vote What is suffrage? a form of mass media that is deliberately sensational and exaggerated, designed to inflame passions (and to sell newspapers) What is yellow journalism? intense nationalism, calls for aggressive foreign policy initiatives What is jingoism? Jingoism in the U.S. ultimately led to war with this country What is Spain? Germany favored this policy of firing on any foreign vessel, at any time, without warning or clarification of purpose This British ship was an early victim of Germany's USW policy What is the Lusitania? The last of President Wilson's "14 Points", the establishment of this group killed the Treaty of Versailles in the U.S. Senate What is the League of Nations? 100 200 300 400 500 President Taft's foreign policy focus on promoting trade by supporting American business abroad What is Dollar Diplomacy? The derisive nickname for the eventual purchase of Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million What is Seward's Folly? President McKinley's plan to allow all nations equal trading access in China What is the Open Door Policy? 200 300 400 This territorial acquisition was criticized for violating the principles of the Declaration of Independence National military ____________ was instituted during World War I. What is conscription? This message, intercepted by the British, resulted in a furious American public and
convinced President Wilson that Germany intended to drag the U.S. into war What is the Zimmermann Telegram? This 1906 regulation prohibited the manufacture, sale and transport of mislabeled food and drugs What is the
Pure Food and Drug Act? Roosevelt's platform in the Election of 1912, this system called for business and trust regulation, women's suffrage and welfare reforms 200 300 400 200 300 This 1914 law created a national banking system--with 12 district banks and a supervisory board--which still drives our economic system today What is the Federal Reserve Act? 400 During the Red Scare following WWI, these events were an attempt by the Attorney General to find and deport anarchists and communists in the U.S. 500 What are the Palmer Raids? 100 This U.S. President used "Dollar Diplomacy" overseas, and aggressively pursued trustbusting at home Who is William Howard Taft? What is Supreme Court Justice? What job did Taft ultimately hold after leaving the White House? This U.S. president emphasized morality in his foreign policy plans Who is Woodrow Wilson? Which famous orator and multiple-loser Presidential candidate executed this Moral Diplomacy policy as Secretary of State for Wilson? Who is William Jennings Bryan? This muckraker penned "The Jungle", exposing the unsanitary practices used in the meat packing industry Who is Upton Sinclair? The second major reform law of the Roosevelt Era, directly related to the publication of "The Jungle" What is the Meat Inspection Act? 200 300 This muckraker took on the corrupt business practices of J.P. Morgan and Standard Oil Who is Ida Tarbell? The magazine in which her series were published What is 400 This photojournalist revealed the harsh truth about tenement life in his book, "How the Other Half Lives" Who is Jacob Riis? 500 Progressive Era by adam taylor - twitter @2footgiraffe What is unrestricted submarine warfare? The U.S. President with which our national neutrality policy originated Who is Washington? This example of yellow journalism referred to events taking place in which country in 1898? What is Cuba? These women were members of what suffrage organization? The National Women's Party (NWP) What is "New Nationalism"? President Wilson's platform in the same election, calling for an end to corruption, limits on government, and support for small business What is "New Freedom"? What is the Philippines? FINAL JEOPARDY
Presidential Reform

Write your wager now. President Wilson focused his reforms on what he called the "triple wall of privilege". These three entities were included as targets for his reform policies. What are
TRUSTS? The winning group must put each name on a piece of paper. Beside each name, write your preferred drink choice from the following list:
Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper or water.
I will bring your drinks on test day. :)
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