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Final Project - Stage 2

No description

América Valero

on 3 May 2015

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Transcript of Final Project - Stage 2

The Spaniards have been passing through rough times. This is proved because the GDP in 2008 was a negative value that reflects that production of money or goods in Spain began to stuck, in consequence the money and capital began to decay. The actual situation has improved because as the graph and the news reflect, the production and the consumption in Spain is getting up, in consequence the GDP is also improving. With this Spain might improve its economy situation in a near future.
Gross Domestic Product- GDP
In the next news discuss on how and why the GDP is going up the reason is because the demand of the national product increased and the negative international demand go up also. The see prove that the government is doing something to take out Spain of the crisis. The consumption of the Spaniards go up that proves that the Spaniards are having money in their pocket
("La Gran Epoca", 2015).

GDP Per Capita
Central Bank
Banco de España
was originally named as Banco
Nacional de San Carlos
and dates back to the late 18th century. It has taken an important leading role in social, political and also in economic developments.
Banco de España
was founded in 1782 in agreement to a Royal Warrant of King Carlos III, with the purpose of providing financial support to the State and facilitate the circulation of real values and converting them into cash.
In 1994,
Banco de España
became a member of the European System of Central Banks with its entry into the Economic and Monetary Union of the EU.

Economic system
Final Project- Stage 2
Team members

Karen Fernanda Cervantes Astorga
Edwing Yair Ulin Briseño
Norma de los Ángeles García López
América Daniela Valero Rodríguez
Paulina Muleiro Estévez

Reforms to reduce unemployment
General Information
Madrid, Spain
What could have caused it to happen?
The labor market could have improved because the employment stability is been promoted by the new economic reforms.
Important actors
Country's economy aspects
This new expresses official data provided by an official organism the CEOE about the labor market and unemployment rate, both are important factors of economy.
Visual data
Is expected an "enviable" growth for the economy of Spain
General Information
Zaragoza, Spain
March 17th, 2015
By a conference in Business Council for Competitiveness.
The president of
and the Business Council for Competitiveness, César Alierta.
The CEOE declared that in the first two months of 2015 has been an improvement in the labor market, but Spain still needs to insist in the reforms and relax the conditions in which businesses operate to increase competitiveness and achieve sustained recovery in employment.
What and why it happened?
What and why it happened?
The president of the Business Council for Competitiveness was enthusiastic and optimistic about the course that the Spanish economy is taking. He said that the GDP would increase in a 3% between 2015 and 2016 and that the unemployment rate could be reduced in an 8%.
What could have caused it to happen?
The speculations of Alierta are based on many factors:
o the economic and labor reforms
o the emerge of the black economy
o the implementation of digitalization in economy
o the increasing of businesses
All this actual information and data were take into count to make the predictions, so what is happening nowadays is the Spanish economy would affect positively in the nearly future.

Visual data
Important actors
César Alierta
Mariano Rajoy
County's economy aspects
These speculations affect the spanish economy because they are based in actual issues, so the actual reforms are acting in favor the future economy.
This new reflects a change that would be possible in a nearly future based on the actual situation and the reforms that have been made.
Increase foreign investment in Spain
General Information
(granadahoy.com, 2015)
(granadahoy.com, 2015)
(granadahoy.com, 2015)
(granadahoy.com, 2015)
(granadahoy.com, 2015)
(granadahoy.com, 2015)
What and why it happened?
What could have caused it to happen?
Important actors
Country's Economic Aspects
General Information
What and why it happened?
What could have caused it to happen?
Important actors
Increases the gap between North and South Spain
(elmundo.es, 2015)
(elmundo.es, 2015)
(elmundo.es, 2015)
(elmundo.es, 2015)
(elmundo.es, 2015)
(elperiodico.com, 2015)
(elperiodico.com, 2015)
(elperiodico.com, 2015)
(elperiodico.com, 2015)
(elperiodico.com, 2015)
Madrid is the main beneficiary.
The investments are divided into four main sectors:
Wholesale / Retail Trade (3,212 million)
Real estate activities (3,085)
Financial and insurance operations (2,609)
Manufacturing (2,055)
The main investors are US, Luxembourg, Mexico, France and the UK
Foreign investment has risen 9.8% since 2013
Spain increases its foreign investment through:
Lower energy costs
Economic recovery
Euro's depreciation
Improve of competitiveness.
Foreign countries invested in large quantities, increasing 9.8% foreign investments in Spain, noting the improvement of the euro's depreciation.
(economictrends.com.ar, 2015)
Jaime García-Legaz
Secretary of State for Trade

He emphasized that it is the fifth best data since 2000 in a context of shrinking global direct investment.
(vozpopuli.com, 2013)
Luis de Guindos
(vozpopuli.com, 2013)
Minister of Economy and Competitiveness

He said the political and economic stability is guaranteed and that foreign investors know.
(radiointereconomia.com, 2015)
The increase in foreign investment in Spain affect the economy, since it cause the improvement in the GDP, and the creation of new jobs, decreasing the unemployment rate in the country.
(tradingeconomics.com, 2015)
This news is important because it shows that incomes in Spain have increased significantly due to new foreign investments into the country, directly affecting the economy of Spain.
Country's Economic Aspects
All Spain (north and South as different parts)
The crisis has affected most regions located at the south of Spain.
By inequalities established between the north and south of Spain, has been shown the growing gap between the two parts of the country
The economic gap between the cities of the North and South of Spain is increasingly apparent. In southern cities, the economic crisis is greater than the average for Spain.

Better financiation level, and Opportunities
Adapted administrative structure
(elpais.com, 2013)

The autonomous community, Andalucia is expecting the political party which has the power, follow the law. These expecting is because the community's Per Capita is lower than the rest of Spain. Andalucia is waiting for the central government to do something. Why is this happening? Because the party that is in power right now, i
s doing things that the town know that are wrong, but the government always say that is good.
The actual per capita in Spain is 22.519 euros and in Andalucia is 16.843 euros. (Dirigentes Digital, 2015)

Inflation Rate
(fitchratings.com, 2015)
President of Fitch Group

The company Fitch released a report on the gap between the North and South of Spain.
(vozpopuli.com, 2013)
Luis de Guindos
Minister of Economy and Competitiveness

The Minister received some proposals to increase the economy and competitiveness in Southern Spain, currently none have been carried out.

The economic gap between the North and South of Spain, seen through past years statistics of GDP; unemployment rate, Per Capita income, social stability, among others.
Unemployment Rate
(ayudaeficaz.es, 2015)
(wikimedia.org, 2010)
GDP Per Capita
(rtve.es, 2011)
Paul Taylor
This news is important because it shows the increase of the gap (north and south) in Spain and its relationship with the economy. For example, in the south of Spain are more unemployment, less GDP among other economic factors.
María de los Reyes Zatarain del Valle

Juan Rosell Lastortras
President of CEOE
March 18th, 2015
With the report "Labor Market and collective bargaining", the CEOE expresses that despite the optimistic data about the improvement of employment, should not be complacent, specially with the Labor Market situation is still worrying.
The Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations, CEOE (for its acronym in Spanish)
The improvement of the labor market has a big impact in Spain’s economy because with the increment of employed people, the unemployment rate will decrease and the economy will improve counteracting the crisis.
The economic aspect related to this new is the Unemployment rate, because it gets reduced with the economic reforms an other factor involved is the per capita income.
The economic aspects related to this new are the GDP and the unemployment rate because these issues are been improving to achieve a better economy.
(EFECOM, 2015)
(CEOE, 2015)
(EFECOM, 2015) (CEOE, 2015)
(Ortega, 2015) ("Heraldo", 2015)
(Ortega, 2015) ("Heraldo", 2015)
(Ortega, 2015) ("Heraldo", 2015)
(Ortega, 2015) ("Heraldo", 2015)
(Ortega, 2015) ("Heraldo", 2015)
(EFECOM, 2015) (CEOE, 2015)
General director of SEPE
(Public Service of State Employment)
(Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations)
The CEOE based its report "Labor Market and collective bargaining" in the statistics made by the SEPE with the consent of Zatarain.
(EFECOM, 2015) (CEOE, 2015)
The report "Labor Market and collective bargaining" was approved by him.
President of Spain
President of
and the Business Council for Competitiveness
Approved and advised to the G-20 the economic reforms the last year, reforms which are improving the economy.
Arieta made public the expectations about the improvement of the Spanish economy basing his suppositions in the present case.
("César Alierta", 2014)
("Rajoy", 2015)
("Juan Rosell", 2013)
("Reyes Zatarain", 2014)
Alierta speaking to the media in Zaragoza, during the presentation of the report ' Spain 2018 ' prepared by the Business Council for Competitiveness.
Official photo of the report "Labor Market and collective bargaining" by CEOE
The GDP per capita is a indicator of how much is the person have. The indicator is a estimate but sometimes the central government take it in count of how much money their states need. In the case of Andalusian and to many parts of Spain, they have a very low per capita rate. the town say that is not the unemployment or the labor force is the government that don't put economical effort in doing something for the town only for they benefit. In conclusion the numbers only are numbers so if you want to know really how is the country ask to a main source. The reason of why a country have a low indicators always is not guilty sometimes the government is the one of the fault.
The agricultural production of the country is major controlled by crop barley, wheat, oats, rye, sugar beet, fruit and citrus, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and onions. Also is very important the breeding of sheep and pigs.
(Montoya, 2012)
(spaincenter.org, 2015)
Banco de España’s building is considered as one of the most iconic and classic buildings of Madrid. (“Banco de España”, w.d).
Nowadays Spain’s amount of gold is 281.6 tons, with a reserve of 21.7%. Spain is located in the 20 position of world's amount of gold, after United Kingdom and before Austria. (“World Gold Council”, 2015).

(infojardin.com, 2015)
(typepad.com, 2015)
Human capital: The newspaper "EL PAÍS" has made some research about the scientific literacy and it showed that spanish people between (15-65 or more) have an average of scientific literacy of 72.36%.
Physical capital:According to the UN, they established a Spain a develop country, and for instance, it is possible to said that Spain has technology need in most of their business.
(swissmeats.com, 2015)
(jennifersanborn.com, 2010)
(imujer.com, 2015)
(lasahita.com, 2015)
(wholesaleonlineweb.com, 2015)
(listadecarros.com, 2012)
(baarty.com, 2015)
Spain is considered a...
(princast.es, 2010)
Spain is considered an example of the mixed economy called
Social Rule of Law
. The mixed economy consists in a combination of some capitalist aspect, but the government has an important role in the regulation and distribution of wealth of the country. In this of economy exists an equilibrium between the private enterprise and normal market.
(economiasimple.net, 2013)
Mixed Economy

The ownership of productive resources is shared between the state and private companies.

• There is a free market, which is controlled by the law of supply and demand, but sometimes is regulated by rules of the government.

• The state aimed social differences and inequalities by adjusting the economic system. The government decides when is necessary to do an increased or decreased in the economic aspect.
(princast.es, 2010)
(fbiradio.com, 2015)
(.thenewfederalist.eu, 2015)
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The best way to conclude with this topic is giving a short review of the economic situation in Spain.
Spain has been suffering a financial and economic crisis since 2008, but nowadays the situation is getting better, so we could say that today Spain has an OK economy. Why do we say that? Because the country feels hope, the spanish society is having more jobs, more money and better prices in the basket market. Another important aspect to talk about is the inversions, other countries are believing again in Spain economy and they also are helping them with those kind of investment in order to stabilize the spanish economy.
The numbers are getting "green" because of the regulations and new strategies that the government is creating.
In an economic crisis it is not easy to find the way out of it, but when the situation is cleared, society can trust again their economy.
As a prediction, it is expected that the spanish economy will keep improving as time goes by.
Spain law declares that a person is unemployed if it has 15 days without a job
(Spainlawyer.com, 2015).

Nowadays, the unemployment rate in Spain is 23.70%, this means that 11'286,305.93 is unemployed, since the last year it has increased 0.03%.
(traidingeconomics.com, 2015).
Unemployment Rate
The Spain’s inflation rate is based on the customer price index, which represent how much the Spaniards pay for the basic basket or goods. In Spain also exist the harmonized inflation, which is useful to compare the inflation of Spain with the Europe's one.
The CPI inflation rate in January 2015 close at:
The HICP inflation rate in January 2015 close at:
Natural Resources
“The highest level central bank gold reserves (in ounces) was reached in 1925 at 739.70 tons, the lowest level in 1890 at 44.00 tons”. (“24hGold”, w.d)
Curious Data…
(inflation.eu, 2015)

Spain is passing through a financial economic crisis, being unemployed has affected drastically Spain’s economy. As we know, Spain’s unemployment rate is about 23.70%, this produces country's poverty, in the past four years poverty has been increased, almost a quarter of the population is unemployed. More than 22% of population lives under the poverty line.
There have been a several protest about job instability, in the past years unemployment rate has been increased and people were not satisfied about this and they decide to protest against government looking for work, food, home and dignity. The most recent protest was the past 21 March 2015 in Madrid. Around 10.00 and 12.000 people marched demanding to the government better labor and social rights. (“acento.com.do”, 2015)
“The National Statistics Institute, INE, points out that nearly a million people have left Spain. Since the beginning of 2011, Spain’s population has fallen to 46,117,000 compared to 47,153,000 21 months ago.” (“wsws.org”, 2015)
Despite of instability, last year was good for Spain because the financial system and economy have improved; this means that if Spain wants to regain their stability, they need to do more than just focus on harsh austerity.
("Mapa España", 2014)
("Definición de estado social", 2015)
("Monedas", 2014)
("Mercado económico", 2013)
Banks as BBVA Bancomer and Santander are greatest entrepreneurs which have helped the spanish economy since they where founded.
Unemployment rate of Spain is 23.78%.
Labor Force: 23.2 million people
Labor Force occupation: agriculture 4.2%, industry 24% and services 71.7%
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