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Go Napoleon!

Napoleon as a leader

Kristin King

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Go Napoleon!

Napoleon is such a great
leader. This picture shows
someone you can trust.
Label: 1 Napoleon is such a great
leader. He is dedicated to
his people. Look how he
rides into battle along side
his troops. He really is one
of us. (Plain Folk)
Label: 2 Go Napoleon! "A true man hates no one"

" A throne is only a bench
covered with velvet."

Label: 3
Label 1 Analysis:
1: This picture is from the perspective of Napoleon.
2: It descirbes the behavior that Napoleon wanted to be painted differently.
3: This does not tell me of the beliefs or actions of everyday people.
4: This source tells me what Napoleon wanted people to see him like.
5: This source does not tell me what Napoleon really looked like.
6: I think other historians agree that Napoleon did not look like this.
source: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/n/napoleon_bonaparte.html "I am the successor, not of Louis XVI,
but of Charlemagne."

"England is a nation of shopkeepers. "

(Name Calling) Label: 4
"Women are nothing but machines
for producing children."

"Medicines are only fit for old people."

(Simplification (Stereotyping)
Label: 5 Label 2 Analysis:
1: This persective is someone seeing
Napoleon ride into battle.
2: This shows that someone who painted
this ideals Napoleon.
3: This shows from everday people that
Napoleon might have fought with them.
4: This source can tell me that Napoleon
was in favor of riding a horse.
5: This source does not tell me if he went
into battle with his people for cetain.
6: Other historians would agree with me
because it is a painting that shows a little,
while showing a lot.
Label 3 Anyalsis:
1: This perspective is from Napoleon
2: The ideology is that Napoleon is
trying to be humble.
3: This may show how Napoleon acted
around the everyday man to give them
a false identity.
4: This source tells me that Napoleon was
capable of being humble.
5: This source does not tell me what he
was really like.
6: Other historians would not agree with me
because i only have the basics of what Napoleon
was like.
/n/napoleon_bonaparte.html Label 4 Anaylsis:
1: This is from the perspective of
2: The ideology is that he does not
think much of certain people.
3: This shows me what everday people
might experience sometimes.
4: This source tells me very bluntly what
Naopleon thought.
5: This sources does not tell me if
Napoleon was well-rounded with his
6: Other historians would agree with me
on the fact that he was very blunt.
authors/n/napoleon_bonaparte.html Label 5 Anaylsis:
1: This perspective is from
2: The ideology is that men and
young people are the best of the best.
3: This does show how eveyday people
were treated.
4: This source does tell me who Napoleon
thought to be important.
5:This source does not tell me how women
and the elderly people were treated.
6: Other historians would probably agree
with me because, again, these are very blunt
authors/n/napoleon_bonaparte.html Name: Kristin King
Period: 1
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