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No description

teun vdheuvel

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of PowNed

Problem definition: How can PowNed tackle prejudices against PowNed while staying true to their target group? Summary:
1. Analysis
2. Target group
3. Objective
4. Concept
5. Use of media Analysis Current situation New public broadcasting organization
Initiative of GeenStijl
Commercial broadcast not free enough
Gathered 50.000 members
October 2010 on air
No programs announced yet

Current image Gathered members from GeenStijl
Image also derived from members: REAGUURDERS
Shocklog Tendentieus, ongefundeerd
en nodeloos kwetsend. GeenStijl: Core values PowNed:

Uncensored Very important for the members! But there are other forces to be reckoned with... Fo Target group Statistics Male (77%)
Young: 18-40 (65%)
Highly educated (58%)
High income (41% earns above average)
High media usage
Plays games (online)
Not categorizable in 1 political direction:
Top 5 political parties: SP, VVD, PvdA, CDA & PVV
Pretty strong interest in politics (70%)
Average age: 29 years old ALSO built-in 'bullshit detector'
hungry for news
watch TV with laptop on their laps
respond to everything = INTERACTIVE
want everything right now = NOWISM
and all that at once at the same time INSTANT GRATIFICATION So: Powned is a new public broadcast
Very different from existing organizations
Members - reaguurders - are the core aspect Also, the current public broadcast organizations
are al left wing oriënted, while PowNed claims to
be 'slightly to the right', says PowNed founder
Dominique Weesie ? PREJUDICES! Bored whizzkids
Pimpled 16-year olds
Anonymous cowards
Low educated (VMBO)
Wilders followers
As long as those prejudices are still
around, PowNed will not be taken

To be taken seriously is important
for the further existence of PowNed. So how can we tackle those prejudices? Objectives

To make sure that PowNed will live up to the
expectations of the 'reaguurders'.

To deliver content which proves people with
said prejudices wrong.

Keywords in creating that solution:

- Interactivity
- Laptop/TV-watching
- Desired image
- Crossmedia
- Trends Desired image Concept
Crossmedia; combining TV and internet

In the end, it all comes back to the... NETWORKING GENERATION! "De netwerkgeneratie bestaat uit eigenwijze mensen. Ze zijn extreem kritisch en gaan geen discussie uit de weg. Ze stellen vragen, ook als dit niet uitkomt, en geloven nooit klakkeloos wat hen wordt verteld. PowNed noemt dat de ingebouwde bullshit detector. De achterban zet alle media en middelen in om zelf de waarheid te vinden. Alleen zenden is niet genoeg. De doelgroep praat terug en levert zelf een belangrijke bijdrage aan nieuwsgaring en opinievorming. Zo zijn ze bron en publiek tegelijk. The People Formerly Known As The Audience." Reaguurders check existing news and conduct research! Networking generation! TV-format

'Exit or Bullshit'
Based on the so-called bullshitdetector
Starts with a blogpost on www.powned.tv: Reaguurders can send in their nominees
PowNed selects candidates
Direct mail notifies reaguurders of candidates, new shows coming up A 'victim' is selected, time for the show! Very different members, so very different persons, organizations etc.
Clears the prejudice that reaguurders are Wilders followers 1. 'Victim' defends himself
2. 'Victim' refuses interview Confronts 'victim' with findings,
criticism etc. sent in by reaguurders.
'Victim' gets 5 minutes to respond
while Rutger asks questions. 2 possibilities: Either way, the program continues in the studio.
Audience decides! Refused: automatically Bullshit

Accepted: applause and respect for accepting. When accepted, the audience has to cast their votes with voting devices. Did the victim continue the bullshit of which he/it was accused, or did he actually make a point this time? The audience decides! Bullshit-gauge! The majority of the audience decides.

When a victim is voted 'exit', the victim
will be awarded a 'survival award'. They
withstanded the reaguurders and stood firm.

Good for them! However...

If they get voted 'bullshit' or didn't even
care to accept the challenge, they are at
the mercy of the reaguurders. It's rant time!
1 reaguurder will do what reaguurders do best.

He will be asked to write a speech, or rather a
rant, about the victim. This reaguurder could
be one of the submitters of this victim, for
example. He gets his chance to speak up his mind
about the victim for 1 minute on national television!

However... if the victim is voted 'exit', the rant will not take place. That's part of the victim's victory.
There can be several victims per show. Media use Internet - www.powned.tv - blogs, teasers, etc.

TV - promo's, show itself

Mail - direct mail to reaguurders; nominees, announcements, ads Why this advice? meets core values
meets member demands
tackles prejudices
appeals to target group

plus, PowNed has given the victim a fair chance in front of
a varied and fair audience. Another prejudice cleared. Use of media

TV - promo's, actual program
Internet - powned blog
Mail - direct mail; announcements, nominees etc.
Social media (twitter) for updates
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