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Dutch Intercambio at T!NT

The Dutch, their customs and their language

Rob Martens

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Dutch Intercambio at T!NT

Coffeeshops Tulpen (Tulips) Actually Turkish flowers Eat & Meet
Dutch for Dummies 19 September 2012
Rob Martens
Mathijs Verhagen
Lies de Smit Born and raised Someren-Eind Chicken skin Final semester at Fontys Small Business & Retail Management Member study association Fomas Program Exploring the world (with others) Notendop Introduction and first course (Dutch student meal)
Dutch history in 10 phrases
Dutch traditions and culture
Dutch for dummies (interactive)
Verrassing Dutch history in 10 phrases Sinterklaas Klompen anno 1950 Koninginnedag Her mums birthday * First dutch citys
* The Eighty Years' War,
or Dutch War of Independence
* Golden age
* Napoleon Bonaparte
* First World War
* Second World War
* Eindhoven & Philips Sinterklaas' key activities:
1. Navigating steamboats from Madrid to Holland
2. Rides horse on rooftops
3. Takes the bad Dutch kids with him to Spain
4. Brings presents and sweets to the good ones Flag of Amsterdam Klompen anno 2012 Dutch for dummies quiz Dutch culture: What is the name of the football club from Eindhoven? Conny wilde op de pony maar dat kon niet want de pony wilde niet. Conny woh op de ponnie ma da konnie want de ponnie wonnie Usefull Dutch phrases: 1. Dutch Eindhoven Conny wanted to get on the horse, but she couldn't because the horse didn't want to. Als apen apen na-apen, dan apen apen apen na. Usefull Dutch phrases: 2. Monkey see, Monkey do Als een potvis in een pispot pist zit de pispot vol met potvispis Usefull Dutch phrases: 3. When a sperm whale pees in a pisspot the pisspot is full of sperm whales pee. Zak pepernoten:
Het langste woord
De beste tongbreker
Quizwinnaar Dutch: Easy as pie

Wallpaintfactoryboardmaintenancecontract Floriade in Venlo First coffeeshop was founded in 1972

What is the system like now?

What the government wants to do

What a lot of people think the government should do. Dutch for dummies: Table manners Smakelijk eten Proost Een biertje, alsjeblieft
Ik ben ... jaar oud Dutch for dummies: The supermarket Kun je me de ... even aangeven alsjeblieft? De rekening graag, Ober, er zit een vlieg in mijn soep! Have a nice meal, Bon appetit Cheers The bill please Could you pass me the ... please? Waiter, there is a fly in my soup! A beer please Without sugar, thanks Zonder suiker, alsjeblieft Dutch for dummies: Meet and greet Bonnetje? Would you like the receipt? Heeft u een bonuskaart? Spaar je...? You collect...? Voetbalplaatjes? Have you got a Bonuscard? Soccerpictures? Waar kan ik de ... vinden? Where can I find the ... ? Bye !!Houdoe!! (Brabants)
Doei (''Real'' Dutch) Hi, Hello Hoi, Hallo Thank you Dank je wel Tot ziens! See you! Aangenaam Nice to meet you Dutch for dummies: Presenting yourself Overall impression of (the) Dutch? It's about to get even better/worse: Meet the Flodders Hi, my name is: I'm ... Hallo, mijn naam is, Ik ben ... Men noemt me ook wel Ik kom uit ... I'm from ... I'm ... years old I'm also known as ... (President or Queen status) Ik ben:
Rob (name)
Student (occupation)
Postbode (work)
Atheist (Religions)
1,90 lang (Length)
Druk (status)
Donkerblond (description)
And many more Dutch for Dummies:
What else do you want to know? What does a Dutch person do when he or she goes ''pinnen''? What is the capital city of the Netherlands?
How many people live in this city? What is the name of the queen of the Netherlands? For bonus points....what the name of our next king? What are the most important rivers called in Holland? How many provinces does Holland have? 1 1 point 2 3 And what are their names 2 Points 4 points 4 2 points 5 1 point 6 7 What does this stand for in Dutch? 2 points 2 Points 8 Where the Dutch government located? 1 point 9 10 What is the horse of Sinterklaas called? 2 point What famous truckmanufacturer is located in Eindhoven? 1 points Àls ik in jouw ogen kijk dan zie ik de zee.
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