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Ryo Schuttenbeld

on 12 October 2012

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By: Ryo Schutenbeld CELL ANALOGY OF A PLANT CELL The cell wall of a plant cell is just like the aircraft frame (fuselage) on a airplane. It strength and supports what's inside, from passengers to air-to-ground missiles. THE CELL WALL
or known as
THE AIRCRAFT BODY The nucleus of a plant cell is just like a cockpit in an airplane. It's the brain of a cell. It sends messages to the other parts of the cell, just like the pilots in a plane. The cell membrane holds organelles, just like a passenger plane holds its passengers inside the fuselage (cell wall). THE CELL MEMBRANE
also known as the
CABIN The vacuole stores food and waste in a cell just like an airplane stores all its waste from the lavatories for the whole flight until it's on the ground. THE VACUOLE
also known as
LAVATORY The chloroplasts contain the chlorophyll and the photosynthesis of a plant cell. In an airplane, the fuel tanks hold the fuel to power the airplane, just like how the photosynthesis and chlorophyll power a plant cell. THE CHLOROPLASTS
also known as the
FUEL TANKS The mitochondria is the powerhouse of energy for the plant and animal cell. The engines on a plane power the plane to takeoff the ground and give power to most of the plane's instruments, just like the mitochondria. THE MITOCHONDRIA
also known as
or known as
also known as the
LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT The golgi apparatus is the part of a cell the holds the protein for the cell. In an airplane this could be the luggage compartment. It holds the cargo of the plane. The ENDOPLASMIC RETICULUM
also known as the
Landing GEAR The endoplasmic reticulum is the transportation system in the plant and animal cell. The landing gear on a plane transports the plane across a tarmac in a airport. THE CYTOPLASM
also known as the
INSULATION The cytoplasm surrounds organelles and fills up the cell. In a plane, this can be the insulation that fills up the part between the outside of the fuselage and the passenger compartments. THE RIBOSOMES
also known as the
GALLEY The ribosomes create the proteins for a cell. Just like the flight attendants create drinks for the passengers in the galley. LYSOSOMES
also known as the
THE GARBAGE The lysosomes break down food and digest waste in a cell, just like the garbage room does in a plane.
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