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The Gupta Empire

India project

Jarod Obando

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Gupta Empire

The Gupta Empire The Golden Age of India Religous freedom Free Medical care The Golden age of Ancient India Criminals were fined,
not put to death Many places to learn Gupta Homes One room Made of wood and bamboo with thatched roofs Larger homes had several rooms Villages Streets were narrow and twisted Stalls for selling things were located on both sides Full of animals and people Art Craftsmen worked with iron and copper Statues today from long ago showed little rust Jobs Worked on roads and public works Paid for their work Wheat was the dominant crop Cows kept for milk Produced many works of literature and art Science in the Gupta Empire Believed the earth was a sphere They believed that the solar year had 365.358 days Only off by 3 hours! Math during the Gupta empire Gave us the number system we have today with 9 digits,0, and the decimal The Gupta Empire Clothing Different in different regions North India Wore an unstitched garment called dhoti 9 meter long cloth that was draped along the legs Women wore bright colors, men wore dark colors Women wore the family "fortune" with lots of jewelry Southern India Women wore saris, a single cloth wrapped along the body. Very few possesions and jewelry Men only wore a loin cloth and a cloth on the head to protect from the sun School Also known as ashram Had to do everything themselves, and it was tough Studied math, science, engineering, literature, art, music, and religion Games and sports Games included chess, polo,and playing cards Practiced martial arts,wrestling, fencing, and hunting Older kids who went to school, lived at school. Pets Pets were mostly birds like parrots Royals had peacocks Diet The Gupta empire was the Golden age of India. It was a lasting civilization, with rights to all the people. It had many advancements in education, science, and art. Concept of breakfast did not exist Meals were both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Mostly ate vegetables, cereals, fruits, breads.
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