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Timeline of Modern Music And S Club 7

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Jessica Bhardwaj

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Timeline of Modern Music And S Club 7

1950-1960 Timeline Of Modern Music 1960-1970 1970-1980 1980-1990 1990-2000 2000-Now March 1951 The first rock and roll record is released by Jackie Brenston, commonly known as the Rocket 88. November 1952 Jackie Brenston sourced from http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/12/rock-n-roll-record
25/09/2012 Al Martino posed in Luxembourg studio sourced from http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/11/al-martino-godfather
25/09/2012 The first UK record chart is created and is then topped by a smash hit, Here In My Heart by Al Martino, this single bagged number one spot on the chart for nine weeks after which Al Martino was recognised as the god father singer. January 1956 Elvis' first T.V. appearance after which his popularity grew and he was invited to another T.V. appearance in the Milton Berle Show where he was named Elvis Pelvis by his many fans. Elvis Presley performing in the Milton Berle Show sourced from http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/11/elvis-presley-pelvis
25/09/2012 1959 In 1959 there were several Jazz albums released a famous one among them was Miles Davis' Kind Of Blue which gained much popularity another key event in 1959 was the death of Buddy Holly who was a famous English Popstar. Miles Davis and Buddy Holly sourced from http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/12/buddy-holly-dies and http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/2011/jun/17/miles-davis-kind-of-blue
25/09/2012 Some Audio Visual Examples Of S Club 7's greatest hits. (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr August 1962 Ska, a style of music much loved during the 60's was spread and gained huge popularity in Jamaica, may bands now performed. It was a combination of American Jazz and blues and other Jamaican music. The Specials, a popular band in London perform Ska style music live. sourced from
25/09/2012 September 1965 The Monkees, a popular band which later gained much fame and fortune further in their career actually formed in September 1965. The Monkees sourced from
25/09/2012 July 1966 The Beatles, a world-renowned band of four toured Japan between June and July in 1966. The Beatles pose for a photo at Tokyo International Airport sourced from
25/09/2012 August 1969 A famous band called Blacked Sabbath had created a new style of music which is now known as metal or heavy metal. Some members from the Black Sabbath band perform their popular hit 'Earth' sourced from
25/09/2012 September 1967 Tony Blackburn in the Radio 1 breakfast chair sourced from
25/09/2012 November 1969 Before November 1969 many bands hated performing live in an arena because they could hardly ever here their own voice this occurred because of the audience which would always be cheering and singing, however in 1969 'arena rock was born' meaning that many bands could now perform in an arena and would be able to hear themselves, the technology which allowed bands to do this was the invention of large speakers and amplifiers, the first band to perform with this sort of technology was The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones on stage sourced from
25/09/2012 Radio 1, the first ever Radio station was launched and was available for those who had a radio this came after the discovery of radio waves, which proved to be a significant milestone in both the history of music alongside with the history of science. The discovery of radio gave the audience an alternative option to listening to their favourite artists. July 1967 John Caltrane's funeral takes place. He was a very popular artist and was know to be a popular Jazz icon for many. John Caltrane sourced from
25/09/2012 October 1970 Janis Joplin, a very popular rock singer died from drug overdose, this left many of her fans all over the world in sadness. Janis Joplin sourced from
25/09/2012 1975 The famous scratching sound which used so much mow a days was first 'accidentally' created in 1975 by Grand Wizard Theodore, this happened when he was 12, he was practicing for major event coming up when his mother burst in and demanded to turn thr music down, instead of turning the music down he held down the record and noticed an interesting sound. In August 1997 he scratched in public at a live event. Although small this turned out to be a massive breakthrough for modern music artists and DJ s Scratching is invented sourced from
25/09/2012 July 1972 Abba is formed and they give their first live performance. The group consisted of four members. ABBA sourced from
25/09/2012 September 1976 Boney M, the famous band 'define' europop, with their bright eye-popping costumes and through their hit single Daddy Cool. Boney M perform live on stage sourced from
25/09/2012 1971 Michael Jackson more commonly known as the king of pop, began his solo career in 1971 this happened soon after him joining the Jackson 5 with his brothers in 1964. Michael Jackson sourced from
25/09/2012 1984 Madonna releases her debut album in early 1984 and in August she released her 'like a virgin' album and gained world wide popularity. Madonna during her performance at the MTV video awards sourced from
25/09/2012 1973 AC DC first formed and soon became a world sensation. ACDA sourced from
25/09/2012 August 1981 MTV, the very famous music channel was launched on 1st of August 1981. The purpose of the channel was to play music videos and different types of music, MTV is now a worldwide channel and has many sister channels in the U.S. The MTV logo sourced from
25/09/2012 July 1986 Aerosmith, the first Rap single, was released, along with rapping it also had heavy metal music it was so popular that it started its own genre and Run DMC, who recorded Aerosmith sourced from
25/09/2012 February 1986 Michael Jackson's sister, Janet Jackson releases her 'Control' album this was a big hit and made Janet popular. Janet Jackson sourced from
25/09/2012 February 1988 Whitney Houston released many hit singles, she had seven consecutive no. 1 hits on the U.S. chart, this was exactly one more than that of the Beatles, so in February she was regarded more popular than the Beatles. Whitney Houston sourced from
25/09/2012 March 1983 The first Hip Hop movie is released a while after Hip Hop first originated in the 1970's. The first Hip Hop movie sourced from
25/09/2012 August 1990 M.C. Hammer's U Can't Touch This hit and Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby proved that rap could work as pop, after this many artists started rapping and releasing singles which had some sort of rapping in it. This was literally the official birth of rapping. Vanilla Ice sourced from
25/09/2012 February 1993 The very famous Spice Girls formed and become a huge worldwide sensation. The Spice Girls sourced from
25/09/2012 1983 Madonna released her debut album, and slowly became very popular amongst her fans. Madonna's debut album sourced from
25/09/2012 August 1999 Britney Spears released her debut album Baby One More Time which became the first best selling album by a teenage solo artist. Britney Spears' debut album sourced from
25/09/2012 1999 The famous teen pop band, S club 7 formed in 1999. S club 7 sourced from
25/09/2012 An Overview On Modern Music 2003 Beyonce Knowles releases her debut album out of which two made it into the Billboard top 100. Beyonce perfoming one of her hit singles live sourced from
25/09/2012 2012 The very famous English boy band forms, it consists fo 5 boys. One Direction is a very popular teen-pop band. One Direction sourced from
25/09/2012 2008 Lady Gaga releases her debut album, The Fame. Which had many hit singles in it. Lady Gaga sourced from
25/09/2012 January 2006 High School Musical debuts and soon gains a lot of popularity between children and pre-teens. High School Musical sourced from
25/09/2012 January 2001 iTunes was released by Apple and has since been a popular source of downloading/buying music. iTunes version 10.5 from
25/09/2012 Bibliography A History of Modern Music: the timeline, 2012, 11 June, viewed 5 October 2012, <http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/interactive/2011/jun/11/history-modern-music-timeline>.

Loader, Jessica 2010, History Of Music, 19 October, viewed 5 October 2012, <http://www.slideshare.net/JessicaLoader/history-of-music-1950-2010>.

S Club 7 Biography, n.d., viewed 5 October 2012, <http://www.billboard.com/artist/s-club-7/bio/348240#/artist/s-club-7/348240>.

S Club 7, n.d., viewed 5 October 2012, <http://www.billboard.com/artist/s-club-7/bio/348240#/artist/s-club-7/348240>.

'S Club' 2012, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , last edited 22:57 EST, 4 October, Wikipedia , viewed 5 October 2012, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S_Club>. History Achievements S Club 7 S Club 7, is a pop group created by the former Spice Girls manager; Simon Fuller. The band consisted of 5 members; Tina Barrett, Paul Cattermole, Jo O'Meara, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, and Jon Lee. The group became popular through their reality TV show, Miami 7. The genre of music S club 7 produced was pop. Throughout their years of fame they have earnt several awards and had many hit singles. Bradley McIntosh Bradley John McIntosh (born 8 August 1981) is a British singer, songwriter and actor. He got a part in the S club 7 group through rounds of auditions. Bradley McIntosh sourced from
25/09/2012 Jon Lee Jonathan Lee (more commonly known as Jon Lee) was born on 26 April 1982 in Devon, England. He is an English actor and singer. Lee was the youngest member of S Club 7 and entered the group via auditions Tina Barrett Tina Barrett, (born 16 September 1976) is a singer and actress, she was the oldest member of S club 7 and was recruited in the band through an auditioning process. Hannah Spearritt Hannah Spearritt (born 1 April 1981) she is an English actress and singer. Hannah gained most of her popularity through S club 7 she joined, through auditions. Hannah also played the role of Abby Maitland in the British drama Primeval. Jon Lee sourced from
25/09/2012 Tina Barrett sourced from
25/09/2012 Hannah Spearritt sourced from
25/09/2012 Rachel Stevens Rachel Stevens (born 9 April 1978) is an English singer and songwriter, actress, presenter, dancer, television personality and model. she launched her solo recording career in 2003, releasing seven singles and two albums in the UK between 2003 and 2005. In 2008, she came second in the sixth series Strictly Come Dancing with her dance partner Vincent Simone. Rachel was the only member in S club 7 who wasn't recorded through auditions, she was instead asked by two producers to join. Rachel Stevens sourced from
25/09/2012 Paul Cattermole Paul Cattermole (born 7 March 1977) was a member of the S club 7 group, he like most of the others was recruited into the group through an auditioning process. Paul Cattermole sourced from
25/09/2012 Jo O'Meara Bradley McIntosh sourced from
25/09/2012 Joanne O'Meara (born 29 April 1979) is an English singer-songwriter, television personality and actress. . she launched her own single after the group split in 2003, which cut short the production of a proposed album following an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. Formation And Break Up S Club 7 formed between 1997-1998, it was created by Simon Fuller (Former Spice Girls Manager) Simon came across this idea, he when he was fired from the Spice Girls! The group formed through a round of auditions, all of the group members were chosen through auditions except for Rachel Stevens who was recommended by a producer. After their formation they stayed together, and released many singles, they even were a part of several T.V series, in 2003 however the group split, this happened soon after Paul Cattermole left S club 7 to join a heavy metal rock band, Skua. Many members also said they felt 'drained' or 'down' when with the group, the group finally split on May 26 2003 with the release of their single, say goodbye. The group stayed broken for nearly five years, but then in October 2008, the group started performing in pubs and clubs across Britain, this time however with only 3 members, from this time onwards they were known as S club. On 29 March 2011 the group reunited again for the first time since 2003 to see Jon perform as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys on stage. During November it was said several publications, that S Club had hopes to reunite in 2012 for a possible tour. Below is a small timeline showing the split and reunion of S Club, (those in bold indicate current members.) Members of S club 7 sourced from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S_Club
26/09/12 S club 7 has had several hit singles and has won 2 BRIT awards, they also earned the record of the year award. Some of their hit singles include: Bring It All Back, Don't Stop Movin', Say Goodbye and many more. S Club 7 Bring It All Back Official Music Video sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfcAvS4QbDg.
9/10/12 S Club 7- You're My Number One (Miami 7 Version) sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oxSDZwDIKA.
9/10/12 S Club 7- S Club Party Official Music Video sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o7UIfrat94.
9/10/12 S Club 7-Don't Stop Movin' Official Music Video sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2q3FJTFgtk.
9/10/12 S Club 7- Two In A Million Official Music Video sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tfx_a4FfcA.
9/10/12 S Club 7 Bring It All Back Official Music Video sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfcAvS4QbDg.
9/10/12 S Club 7- Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You Live sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRQxTFdWIQk.
9/10/12 Daddy Cool By Boney M sourced From http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGHZcYwX92Q. 9/10/12 Wanna Be (Official Music Video) -The Spice Girls' Debut Single sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGHZcYwX92Q.
9/10/12 A Typical Song From High School Musical-Fabulous, (High School Musical 2) sourced from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rppeDW2x4Zg.
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