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Kaylawnie Tyler

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Social

Zhou Dynasty
How did the economic situation or decisions made by the government affect the different social classes?
Different social classes created an unequal distribution of money but did not restain the people from gaining the occupations they wanted.

Explain the levels of society

The different levels of society have different amounts of money.
Emperor has most of the wealth
Government officals were well paid.
Aristocrats were fairly there, not rich or poor.
Commoners were at the bottom.
Explain the role of women and children in society

Women and children in the society differed from the roles of men.
Womens role were to serve the male and to take care of all of the males needs and wants.
Childrens role were to repect there elders and to do whatever they were told to do.

Explain how the government responded to either a rich or poor economy.
The government responded to either rich or poor economy by doing what the Elite commoners wanted , viewed as majority, and well spoken.
how were the ideas of the dynasty shown in the arts and technology?
Iron technology, suspension bridges, iron chains, a push cart with a sail.

Individualists paintings , thought to express in their art, their own feelings .
Calligraphy with ink brush, had characters describe words. People needed those things.
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