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No description

Mr. Stack

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Geocaching

Lets start with the basics, what really is geocaching? Geocaching, to put it simple, is basically a kind of hide and seek game. A person will register a geocache, hide it and then another person will try to find. If they do find the cache, the would usually write their name/names in a logbook that is also hidden with the cache. If the person doesn't find the cache... well then they get nothing.
What Is Geocaching?
When I first started doing my project, I had this question. I looked it up and found this answer on the FAQ page:

"The word Geocaching broken out is GEO for geography, and CACHING for the process of hiding a cache. A cache in computer terms is information usually stored in memory to make it faster to retrieve, but the term is also used in hiking/camping as a hiding place for concealing and preserving provisions. "
How did Geocaching get its name?

The hardest geocache. Well there really isn't a hardest geocache. Caches are getting made everyday and the hardest shifts from cache to cache to cache.
Where/what is the hardest Geocache?

There are a LOT of geocaches. Millions and millions of them around the globe. Currently there are 2,412,066 caches at the moment that i am typing this, but caches can be registered and can be un-registered anytime.
How many caches are there?
Where is the Craziest Cache
www.MrStack.brain He helped
Works Cited
This is the end of the presentation. Thank you for listening and I hope that you want to go geocaching.

The craziest geocache is as it describes, very crazy. It is located in Germany at an altitude of 1910 meters. I am guessing it is hidden on a mountain because the description says that you should be skilled in mountaineering. Soooooo basically, this is a really hard cache.
My Geocaching experience
I have not planned to go geocaching yet because I have a very booked schedule, but I have actually found a cache. The story will be on the next slide because it is a little bit to big for this one.
The story
So one day, when I got off the bus, my dad told me that we had to go away because the house was having a showing. So my dad took my sister and I to the center of town. He asked if we wanted ice cream and we said yes (why would you even ask?). He asked were we wanted to go and I said Cone Zone. It was a Thursday and I remembered looking up caches in enrichment. As it turned out, a cache was hidden at Cone Zone and I found it. It was really exiting because it was my first cache. I signed the logbook and left the shop.
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