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Musical Instruments of Ecuador!

No description

Jessica Ney

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Musical Instruments of Ecuador!

Musica! Musica! This is a picture of a musical shop in Ecuador that sells maracas, wooden flutes,
rondadors, guitars, and many others. Musical Instruments that are
traditional to me! Musical Instruments in Ecuador!! Bombo! http://www.wisegeek.com/what-are-maracas.htm Sources: Piano!! The piano is an important part of my life because whenever I would go to my Grandma's house, she would play the piano and sing while she played. Then she would try to teach me how to play the song. The or zampoña, consists of seven pipes, and are usually made of reed plants, bamboo shoots, or bone. The zampona was created between 100-600 B.C. This instrument is important to Ecuador music because
it has been a common instrument in Ecuador for many years, along with the bombo. Rainstick! Saxophone! The saxophone is important to my life because it's been in my family for many years. Almost all of my cousins that play an instrument play the saxophone except for two of them. My dad also used to play the tenor saxophone when he was in school. http://wayanay.com/instruments.html The rainstick is a musical and ceremonial instrument used in many communities from ancestral times to the present. Its name describes the sound of falling rain. A bombo is a hollowed tree trunk with stretched animal skin over the top to make sound. This instrument is important because it has been a common musical instrument in Ecuador. Flute!! The flute is an
important part
in my life because it was
the first instrument i've
learned to play for two years. The first
flute started out as a wooden flute
and gradually gets improvements as the years
go on. Zampona!
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