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The Smile

No description

Christina Wang

on 29 November 2014

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Transcript of The Smile

The atmosphere in the story is one of poverty and destruction
Character sketch
Tom is one of the only people in the story that recognizes and appreciates the importance of art
He is not easily subdued by peer pressure
The Smile ~ by Ray Bradbury
Christina & Norina
Writer's Style
Angst is the underlying tone shown by the description of poverty.
The story takes place in what could be considered a post apocalyptic city where civilization ceases to exist
Beauty can only be seen by those with not only open eyes but an open mind.
1. Tom goes to town
2. Tom meets Grigsby
3. Grigsby and Tom talk about the past
4. Tom's turn to spit, mouth is dry
5. Painting released to the public
6. Townspeople destroy the painting, Tom grabs a piece
7. Tom goes home, gets punished
8. Tom looks at the piece in his hand

The Smile: Ray Bradbury
Main Characters: Tom, Grigsby
Minor Characters: Unknown man, father, mother, brother
Conflict: Tom's thoughts and ideas vs society
Setting: Post-apocalyptic society that detests civilization
No one is born filled with hatred; it's what they've seen that carves it into their heart.
The writer's style is painfully honest but provides the reader with a protagonist that represents hope for the wrecked society.
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