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Cell Project - 7A Tina / Andrea

No description

Tina Boluordi

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of Cell Project - 7A Tina / Andrea

By Tina Boluordi
Andrea Kojayan

Basic Cell Info
Cells make up all living things.

Living things may be single-celled or they may be very complex such as a human being.

There are smaller pieces that make up cells such as macromolecules and organelles.
The Cell!
Nucleus - Nucleolus
Nucleus acts like the brain of the cell and helps control eating, movement, and reproduction

The Nucleolus's primary function is to make ribosomes.

Many people think the nucleus is in the center of the cell, but this is not always
The ER functions as a manufacturing and packing system.

There are two types of ER; Rough and Smooth ER.

Rough ER has ribosomes, which is what makes it rough.

The Cell - Tina and Andrea
Animal Cell
Plant Cell
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